British Airways: wages cannot fall never more than 20%

British Airways: wages cannot fall never more than 20%

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Don’t be fooled: the crisis of the aviation is going to be lasting and profound. That’s why, for those who are in Iberia, it is advisable to know what is going on in British Airways, the ‘sister’ of IAG, because the lesson can end by apply in Spain.

British has communicated to the cabin crew Heathrow –Gatwick airport is going to be the street, and close operations there– that no one will lose more than 20 percent of his current salary.

This is important, because in the cabin, in the British there is a lot of disparity, depending on the age. The workers thought that all emparejaría to the salary of the lower earning, which would mean cuts of up to 70 per cent for some.

But no: the British guarantee to the template that no one will win less than 80 per cent of what is perceived today. The company says that this will allow a soft-clip to adapt to the times to come, that will be very hard.

In some forums, it has been written that the new salaries will be as following: 30, 33 and 41 thousand euros –approximate, depending on the type of change, for the staff, regular cab, main, and managers (annual amounts).

If this amount is less than 80 percent of what they earned by the worker before the crisis, there will be increased until that level. At the same time, the lowest paid of today could see increases of up to 40 percent, although these would not be many.

When the above figures do not reach what they are paid to existing employees, British Airways will increase the value to 80% of the previous salary of the employee. However, the current proposal would see that 40% of the airline employees received a salary increase, in addition to more annual leave.

The trade unions, which have launched many campaigns against the British, have not participated in the negotiations, but now the company already has a proposal that has been communicated to the staff.

What will move this to other subsidiaries of IAG?