Best pillow for travel

What is the role of a travel pillow?

A travel cushion is a travel accessory that will come in handy when traveling by car, bus or train to sleep well, take a nap or just be better settled. There are a multitude of them and it is sometimes very difficult to make a choice as the offer is large.

Traveling for many hours by plane or car is rarely a pleasure and you will probably arrive at your destination with more fatigue than you had before leaving. This is where travel pillows may have their usefulness as travel accessory to help you fall asleep and get restful sleep.

best travel cushion

Indeed, by design, the travel cushions are very practical for effectively resting your head and neck to optimize your travel experience. It is therefore an accessory which in our opinion has become essential in order to be able to sleep peacefully and arrive at your destination in good shape and with good humor.

They also have the advantage, for the most part, of taking up little space and are light, which means that they can be used for any type of travel. You will indeed find pillows which you can use by plane, car or bus and which can be easily adapted to your means of transport in order to obtain quality sleep.

The advantages of a travel pillow

The ideal travel companion

The travel pillows are designed to fully support your head for complete relaxation. Some passengers cannot position themselves correctly in their seats and even if they do, the position is uncomfortable and does not allow them to relax in order to envisage a good night’s sleep in the event of a long-haul flight. In such cases, the travel pillow supports the neck to make the trip comfortable and allow you to have sweet dreams.

It perfectly supports your neck

The best travel pillows are made in memory foam. The memory foam adjusts to the shape of the neck and adapts to all the movements you make, making your journey much more pleasant. You will thus benefit from good support of your spine thus avoiding certain pains or discomfort inherent in long journeys by plane.

It takes up little space

The travel cushions mostly take up very little space. Indeed, the airbags, once deflated, store very easily in your bag while the memory cushions are also easily compactable to take up a minimum of space. The ball travel cushions when they take up a little more space.

Easy to maintain

Many pillows have an easily removable cover so that they can be washed and the risk of fungi and bacteria is reduced.

May reduce sleep apnea and snoring

A memory foam travel pillow keeps your neck straight. This means that your airways are not obstructed thereby preventing sleep apnea and snoring. If you have already woken up by the snoring of a person on the plane, you will appreciate this advantage and the other passengers will no doubt thank you for having preserved their ears.

With so many advantages, it is quite surprising that some people do not have travel cushions when they leave.

Shops offer you a comparison of the best models of travel cushions quality and cheap. But before choosing a travel pillow, we will briefly introduce the different criteria of choice of a travel pillow that we have retained to help you decide. All this to optimize your comfort and your sleep in order to avoid insomnia on the plane.

Types of travel pillows

When choosing a travel pillow, it helps to know what kind of pillow you want. It exists three main types of travel pillows, as following :

  • The inflatable travel pillows U-shaped. These cushions inflate and have the convenience of taking up very little space once deflated in your bag. They are also ideal for travelers on a budget. So these are travel cushions that can be quite practical in a troubleshooting idea but which will not be the most comfortable from our point of view.
  • The travel pillows in microbeads. Filled with polystyrene microbeads, they change shape to offer comfort and neck support that is more interesting for the neck than airbags, but will fail to take up more space than a memory foam travel cushion or even a airbag.
  • The memory foam travel pillows are the softest cushions on the market and offer the most attractive support for the neck. They can be compressed and are generally considered to be the most comfortable type of travel pillow because they perfectly fit the shape of your neck. Although it is the most expensive, this type of pillow is one of the best travel pillows for frequent travelers.

You will also find neck scarves to effectively support your neck as well as models for travelers who tend to lean forward during their sleep. These are travel accessories that can also be interesting when going to sleep on the plane.

airplane neck scarf


We don’t necessarily think about it, but the material of a cushion is something to consider when choosing a pillow to ensure a trip that is comfortable to use.

For example, many people find that inflatable plastic pillows irritate their skin, so it will be a material to be avoided.

If your travels often bring you in hot climates, cotton and plastic (polyester) will be ideal while wool is perfect for cold climates or flights by plane.


The travel pillows vary in size, so it’s important to choose one that fits the way you travel. Indeed, some travel cushions will be too large to be taken in a cabin baggage and if ever you want to save a maximum of space in your suitcase, it will be necessary to avoid certain types of travel pillow.

The memory foam pillows and the inflatable pillows are ideal if you want to save space because they are easily collapsible and will therefore take up very little space.

However, the pillows in microbeads can be bulky, so it’s important to make sure there is enough space in your hand luggage if you decide to take this type of cushion.


It is important to find a travel pillow quality that is durable, especially if you travel frequently. This will save you from having to buy a new pillow every time you go on vacation.

The best travel pillows

Now that we’ve seen the different types of travel cushions and how to choose them, here is our choice.

The best premium memory travel cushion

Our travel cushion favorite that combines comfort, convenience and great value for money is definitely this one. Indeed, this ergonomic pillow with a cord to vary the tension around the neck will ensure your well-being with its very comfortable memory foam. Easily transportable, it will take up very little space in your bag and will immerse you in the arms of Morpheus quickly and without the need for sleeping pills.

The best mid-range memory travel cushion

If you want a memory foam travel cushion which is cheap and of good quality, we have selected this one. Both soft and comfortable, it will allow you to rest pleasantly during your flight in order to relax in optimal conditions.

memory foam travel cushion

The best inflatable travel cushion

This airbag is our favorite. Easy to inflate, comfortable with an unbeatable price, it is the best of inflatable pillows.

The best 2 in 1 hooded travel pillows

If you want to combine the comfort of travel cushion in the night mask we have this 2 in 1 travel cushion which will allow you to sleep peacefully while having the light rays which will be stopped by the hood.

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In most cases, the pillows are not designed to block the light rays that could prevent you from sleeping. In this case there are night masks very practical in order to block the light rays likely to disturb your sleep. Indeed, light will block melatonin which is the natural sleep hormone allowing the brain and the body to perform its sleep cycles in an optimal way. As such, you will have to be careful not to expose yourself to the blue light of the screens so as not to disturb your biological clock and thus your quality of sleep. Thus, sleep masks of different kinds from the most classic to the most whimsical are available to enhance your trip.

We can suggest that before taking the plane do a little meditation by controlling your breathing well in order to eliminate all stress and to relax all the muscles in your body. Chamomile tea should also be part of your bedtime habits if you want to optimize your night’s sleep. You should also avoid any stimulant such as coffee or alcohol which, contrary to appearances, tends to disturb your sleep phases and cause untimely night awakenings.

You can also think of earplugs (earplugs) which will also be very practical in order to eliminate any noise on the plane and thus promote good sleep.

Finally, even if the blankets are usually provided during your flight, it is good to remember to take things to cover you so as not to be cold.

In summary

There are a multitude of travel cushions of different compositions and materials for different uses. By choosing from the pillows described above, you will be sure not to go wrong and select the one you need in order to enjoy the benefits of a travel pillow and have a pleasant trip.

Now that you have made your choice, we invite you to see this article which describes how comfortably use your travel pillow to optimize your experience.

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