Auf dem Melaten-Friedhof in Köln befinden sich zahlreiche Gräber von Prominenten

Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, …: cemeteries in Germany where celebrity graves can be found


“Who are you looking for?” “Manfred Krug.” “He’s back there.” “We’re going to Lambsdorff now.” That’s what a conversation this autumn sounds like at the Southwest cemetery Stahnsdorf near Berlin. Dozens of people walk through the graves of celebrities here with a plan that costs one euro at the entrance.

These include the resting places of the actor Manfred Krug (“Liebling Kreuzberg”, “Tatort”), the FDP politician Otto Graf Lambsdorff, the moderator Dieter Thomas Heck (“ZDF Hit Parade”) and the film director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau (“Nosferatu”) ). The cemetery also became world famous through the Netflix series “Dark”, in which the wooden chapel in Norway style can be seen as a motif of the fictional city of Winden.

But the pastime of cemetery tourism, which sounds macabre for some, is not only blooming at the gates of Berlin in the Corona year. The phenomenon is suitable for pandemics, because in a cemetery in the fresh air everyone behaves respectfully, speaks little and keeps their distance. A selection of places, themes – and dead:

Famous graves in the Melaten cemetery in Cologne

On the confusing Melaten cemetery, the central cemetery of Cologne, the ex-Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who died at the age of 54, was buried in 2016. Comedian Dirk Bach, actresses Hildegard Krekel and Gisela Uhlen and of course Willy Millowitsch are also here.

Famous graves in the Bogenhausen cemetery in Munich

The grave of film producer Bernd Eichinger (1949 – 2011) in the old Bogenhausen cemetery in MunichPhoto: dpa picture alliance

The idyllic one Bogenhausen cemetery at the late baroque church of St. Georg on the right bank of the Isar is quickly circled. There are the graves of writer Erich Kästner (“Fabian”, “Emil and the Detectives”), filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder (“Fear Eats Soul”), film producer Bernd Eichinger (“The Name of the Rose”) and director Helmut Dietl (“Kir Royal”, “Schtonk!”) As well as actors such as Helmut Fischer (“Monaco Franze”), Werner Kreindl (“SOKO 5113”), Rolf Boysen and Walter Sedlmayr – and recently also from SPD politician Hans-Jochen Vogel .

The urn of film star Heinz Rühmann (“Die Feuerzangenbowle”) was buried in Aufkirchen in Berg am Starnberger See near Munich.

Famous graves in the Frankfurt main cemetery

On the Frankfurt main cemetery include the philosophers Theodor W. Adorno and Arthur Schopenhauer, the writer Ricarda Huch, the doctor and researcher Alois Alzheimer, the psychologists Margarete and Alexander Mitscherlich, the poet Robert Gernhardt, doctor and author Heinrich Hoffmann (“Struwwelpeter”) and the literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki is buried.

Famous graves in cemeteries in Berlin

The urn with the ashes of Helmut Newton is buried in the Stubenrauchstrasse cemetery in Berlin-Schöneberg

The urn with the ashes of Helmut Newton is buried in the Stubenrauchstrasse cemetery in Berlin-SchönebergPhoto: dpa picture alliance

In the Capital there are particularly many destinations. Marlene Dietrich, who died in Paris, was buried in the Schöneberg III cemetery (Stubenrauchstrasse). The grave inscription of the Berlin Hollywood star: “Here I am on the stamps of my days” Loriot (actually Bernhard-Viktor von Bülow) is like Klausjürgen Wussow (“The Black Forest Clinic”) and boxer Bubi (Gustav) Scholz in the Heerstraße cemetery (Westend).

The actress Brigitte Mira (“Three Ladies from the Grill”) rests in the Luisenfriedhof III (Westend). The graves of Harald Juhnke, Gottfried Benn and author Curth Flatow (“I marry a family”) are found in the Dahlem forest cemetery, while Hildegard Knef, Edith Hancke, Wolfgang Neuss and Günther Pfitzmann are buried in the Zehlendorf forest cemetery.

Götz George (“Tatort” / Schimanski) was buried in the Zehlendorf cemetery (different from the Zehlendorf forest cemetery). The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm as well as Rio Reiser (“King of Germany”) found their final resting place in the old St.-Matthäus-Kirchhof (Schöneberg). In the Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof there are, for example, the graves of Bertolt Brecht, Helene Weigel, Heiner Müller, Egon Bahr, Bärbel Bohley, Christa Wolf, Thomas Brasch, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Herbert Marcuse, Otto Sander and Wolfgang Herrndorf (“Tschick”) .

Famous graves in the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Hamburg

The Ohlsdorf cemetery At around four square kilometers, it is almost twice the size of the city-state of Monaco on the Côte d’Azur and even has its own bus route. Around one and a half million people have been buried there since it opened in 1877. Actors such as Inge Meysel, Witta Pohl, Monica Bleibtreu, Hans Albers, Kurt Raab and Gustaf Gründgens are buried here, as well as journalist Wibke Bruhns, “Tagesschau” spokesman Karl-Heinz Köpcke, critic Hellmuth Karasek, author Harry Rowohlt, publicist Roger Willemsen, musician Roger Cicero and comedian Heinz Erhardt.

The graves of Hamburg icon Heidi Kabel and the TV journalist Hanns Joachim Friedrichs, on the other hand, are in the Nienstedten cemetery.