Belgique : risque de faillite pour Neckermann, quid des bons à valoir ?

Belgium: risk of bankruptcy for Neckermann, what about vouchers?


The news is not very reassuring in Belgium on the side of Neckermann.
Neckermann belonged to the Thomas Cook Group, which went bankrupt at the end of September 2019. The company was then rescued by the Spanish company Wamos, which is bearing the brunt of the covid-19 crisis.
Test-Purchases, a Belgian consumer association announced on its site that “Neckermann travel agencies could go bankrupt if no funds are found to continue operations by 22/2/2021.”

However, Laurent Allardin, CEO of Neckermann interviewed by disputes this date as being a deadline.
In such a situation, what about the vouchers issued following the cancellation of a trip? Test-Achats declines the different scenarios.

If the name “Sunweb” appears on the voucher, then it will not be affected by the possible bankruptcy of Neckermann. If it is a “corona voucher”, it is also covered against the financial insolvency of the travel organizer, specifies the consumer association.
“Corona voucher” means vouchers that were issued between 3/20/2020 and 6/19/2020 because your trip was canceled due to coronavirus. ”

However, if it is another type of voucher, which was therefore issued outside the specified period, “then you are not protected” indicates Test-Buy.
The association advises people in the latter case to book a trip to enter under insurance protection. specifies that around 80% of trips booked with Neckermann would be guaranteed in this way.