Being a tourist in your own city


The coronavirus has taught us that you can enjoy experience of (re) discovering your own city as a tourist, not only because many times what you have closest is what you know least, but because of the possibility of enjoying our hotels that, let’s not forget, offer the best value for money in Europe, now more competitive than ever.

Specifically in Madrid 26 of them, from 3 to 5 stars and hostels, have joined the initiative “Madrid, without going any further: give it Madrid” of the Madrid Hotel Business Association (AEHM), which, together with the Community, invites Madrilenians to be tourists in their region, as published HOSTELTUR tourism news.

The local customer can thus enjoy until January 10 in any of them discounts and special services that will make you feel like a privileged tourist in your city. And we have verified it this weekend at Only You Atocha: waking up and opening the balcony in front of the emblematic station is priceless, even if you are more than used to walking through those streets always in a hurry.

Best of all, if it weren’t for the damn masks and strict compliance with all health safety measures, there are times when It seems that you recover part of the old normality, thanks to that spectacular breakfast buffet -with individual clamps for each diner in order to guarantee the safety of all- or at the brunch that they offer every weekend also on the seventh floor with views of the city and that has become so fashionable lately among Madrilenians.

Waking up in the Only You and opening the balcony in front of the emblematic station is priceless for this Madrilenian.

But better than all that has undoubtedly been the attention from your staff, always aware that everything went well and that we were all at ease. Jose de la Torre, assistant to the reception manager, showed me the “YOUniverse territory”, where they have transformed close to 15 rooms on the first floor in meeting rooms and offices, all logically with private bathroom and that favor maintaining safety distances, in addition to the open space of the Relaxarium where networking is facilitated. (Only You brings together shared workspaces and networking in YOUniverse).

While he was showing me the facilities, he was telling me that this weekend the hotel was approximately half full and that they perceive that they have aroused the interest of Madrid residents because since November the situation has been repeated every weekend with more than 90% of local market (How will city hotels survive the winter?).

Service and care are more important than ever… And they know it. For this reason, although it has always been a fundamental aspect in their management, they continue to seek to surprise their clients with wow moments. The key is knowing how to listen to the guest at the time of check-in to find out any details related to their tastes or their stay. And I assure you they get it. In our case, the architect has been Alexandra, which has surprised an art lover.

For all this my recommendation is do not miss this opportunity. Who knows, the same is one of those customs that have come to stay. Until Sunday, January 10, you have 26 options at your disposal in the AEHM website.