Barcelona bans pedicabs


As reported by the first deputy mayor of the Barcelona City Council, Jaume Collboni, in statements to the press at the end of the joint meeting of the consistory and the Generalitat to address this problem, a “specific” modification of what is known as the Taxi Law will allow pedicabs to be banned before the end of the year.

Pedicabs will be excluded from the regulation because they do not have the basic characteristics necessary to be considered as taxis.

Pedicabs “are not consistent with the tourist model of the city of Barcelona”

Collboni has insisted on the “urgent” nature of the ban, since this activity “has been in a situation of legal limit for too long.”

For the first deputy mayor, pedicabs “are not consistent with the tourist model of the city of Barcelona” since they are “a source of precariousness and insecurity” and require extra effort from the police and the Guàrdia Urbana.

Pedicabs have been spreading in several European cities. Photo: Adobe Stock

expansion around the city

Collboni also recalled that the problem of pedicabs “was spreading to other areas of the city” and that now, in addition to the Barceloneta and the Olympic Villagepedicabs could be found in the Park Guell and in the area of Sacred Family.

Jaume Collboni has assured that Barcelona City Council, with the help of the police and the Civil Guard, has been “containing” the expansion of pedicabs by demanding licenses from owners and confiscating vehicles.

“To date, the activity of the pedicabs has been reduced to practically zero,” said Collboni, who has assured that the city council has 40 confiscated vehicles pending “clarification” of the regulation of the law.

Jaume Collboni has thanked the “legal protection” of the Generalitat, which is the one who has the powers in terms of passenger transport and, therefore, to prohibit the activity of pedicabs.

The now acting mayor has insisted on the need for a “definitive” ban.

The general secretary of the Department of the Vice Presidency and of Digital Policies and Territory, Ricard Font, has clarified that the Taxi Law will affect all the municipalities of Catalonia.

According to Source, the modification of the law will give legal certainty to the Catalan municipalities so that they can manage, fine and confiscate pedicabs.

For now, Font contemplates “serious” sanctions for offenders of 6,000 euros.

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