Barbara Roussel first cut her teeth, in mass distribution within the Boulanger company, then in Hyper Media.
The After Sales Service has enabled him to develop customer relations and a real sense of service.
From 2002, she joined the Cma-Cgm company and the world of container transport. She perfected her sense of customer service there, until 2013 when one of her friends, Laurence Palandjian, a former Aventuria, suggested that she develop a Tour Operator.
Laurence has knowledge of the business, the technique, the products, Barbara has a sense of customer service, and masters communication. It’s a great complementarity.
In April 2014, Voyages Couture was born, an online travel agency “on a human scale”, specializing in tailor-made. Make the trip a unique, personalized experience that listens to the wishes of travelers … this is what Voyages Couture embodies!
From the outset, Voyages Couture’s flagship destination is Burma.
A destination little known to travelers, it was a tall order! A winning combination, since it is through this magnificent destination that Voyages Couture was forged. Thanks to programs off the beaten track, the agency has succeeded in offering a unique experience to travelers.
An immersion in the country, discovering its many facets, all with respect for the local ethnic groups. Thanks to exclusive services, in-depth listening and a passion for travel, the hand-sewn agency has become a reality.
2017 is the year of change. Barbara and Laurence decide to go their separate ways and Barbara is in charge of Voyages Couture.
It then merged with Amériques Aventure and its two brands, took the helm of Amériques Aventure, and set up a great team, with valuable collaborators who are still part of it.
2018 is the meeting with a talented blogger, Little Gypsy. Morgane dreams of traveling with her loyal community. Barbara and Morgane therefore decide to launch “Les Voyages de Little Gypsy”, and the success is phenomenal. In less than 24 hours, the departures are all filled. The operation is repeated in 2019, always with the same success.
In 2020, the business is booming, Barbara decides to open a beautiful storefront agency in Marseille. With the dream of one day becoming the reference agency for tailor-made travel in Marseille.
The premises are found in January 2020, and open on March 09, 2020. Right at a time when the entire tourism sector is hit hard by the global Covid-19 pandemic. This crisis was nevertheless an opportunity for Voyages Couture to reinvent itself in order to face this situation.
First, by developing expertise in European and French territories. Then then, by separating from his ex-partner Jean-Francois Lecomte, to whom big differences oppose him. She restructures the company, fights to keep the team loyal and motivated and to give the company a new start.
2021, is placed under the sign of hope and development, with the launch of a new brand: Amériques Aventure, which will also bear the name of the company name. A new brand that allows us to position ourselves in the Americas. Barbara being a specialist in Brazil and each of her collaborators with expertise in North America, Central America and South America.
The idea is to be able to accompany travelers eager for discovery to meet these territories. All while being less generalist than under the Voyages Couture brand. A very gripping new adventure, and one that is in a way a bet on the future!





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– Barbara Roussel Linkdin