Baby accessories for the “kway” type pouch maniacs!

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S you are a maniac of small “kway” type pouches, and if you like to travel light, like me, if you like have your hands free and move lightly with your baby, We have what you need in the shop:

All these accessories are easily stored (by rolling into a ball! no need for clever folding!) in very light pockets that you slip into your handbag, or hang on the stroller!

Enough to make you free …

Universal sun protection Koo-di:

Koo-di universal sun visor sun protection for strollers

universal sun protection Koo-di for strollers

This sun protection is available for single or double stroller! It fits almost any stroller (3 wheel or 4 wheel) – so enjoy the ride again despite the low sun. Also available for double stroller. From 14.99 €. Find it here

Koo-di universal rain protection:

In the same style as the sun protection for strollers, Koo-di offers us a rain cover foldable in its small bag. It fits most strollers. Always on sale on the store for single or double stroller. From 26 €

Rain protection and sun protection for baby carrier Little Life:

What I love about the Ultralite baby carrier backpack is its low weight of just 2kg. To achieve this, the solar or rain hood are options. It fits in a small separate pocket and unfolds in 2 seconds. From € 24.9 in our shop.

Nomadic fabric seat:

A small pocket very useful as soon as baby is sitting alone! It is not a booster seat, but it nourishes it and above all prevents falls! From the simplest Koodi nomad seat to the more sophisticated like the Totseat nomad seat, you will find what is right for you. From 16.9 €.

Find them here

Boba Air baby carrier:

Presented some time ago in this article, it’s my favorite to always have your hands free during races or short outings! It is always hanging from my handbag (I have a very small bag and it does not fit in), I use it nonstop wearing Mini Voyageur on my back rather than at arm’s length, all twisted to compensate his weight!

From 69.95 € in our shop


2012-07-10 16.48.10 (Large)

Waterproof jacket type “Kway” at Decathlon:

So yes, we all know the Danny Boon and his Kway sketch, but frankly it’s great for kids when it’s curled up and doesn’t take up space in your bag!

On the other hand, I confirm the hood embarrassed Mini Voyageur when he was in the baby carrier: every time he turned his head, he had his nose in the hood! A small cuff on the hood and everything was in order. To be found on dé

And you, do you know and do you use others ultra compact baby accessories?