Im Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort wird unter anderem eigener Strom über Solar-Panels hergestellt

Award from the UN: Awarded! The most environmentally friendly hotel in the world


The “Global United Nations Climate Action Award for Climate Neutral Now” has been presented for ten years – and in 2020 it went to the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in the Caribbean. This was the first time that the award went to a hotel – in previous years mostly large companies such as B. Apple won. 510 organizations and companies applied for the award. Why did the hotel in Aruba win the award?

The first carbon neutral hotel in the Caribbean

The United Nations write The reason for the award of the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort: “It is the first – and only – Co2-neutral hotel in the Caribbean that is currently working on becoming Co2-negative.” The success story of the small company in the field of environmental protection it is also applicable to large companies.

Measures in the Bucuti & Tara Resort are already being implemented, including reusable water bottles for guests, reduced water consumption and recycled wastewater, power-generating devices in the gym and motion sensors in all hotel rooms that shut down the air conditioning as soon as a guest leaves the room.

The plan: Aruba should become carbon neutral

Ewald Biemans founded the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort more than 30 years agoPhoto: Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

These efforts then led to the fact that the owner, Ewald Biemans, was presented with the “Tourism for Tomorrow Climate Action Award” from former US President Barack Obama at the World Travel & Tourism Council in 2019. Biemans, born in Austria, founded the Bucuti & Tara Resort in 1987 and has been committed to environmental protection ever since.

, explains Biemans. His next goal: In cooperation with local companies and the government, he wants to ensure that Aruba becomes a completely CO2-neutral island.