Atlantic Islands: shipping companies require a reservation center all year round


When the Xunta de Galicia launched the Governing Plan of the National Park, the tourism companies questioned it because they considered it “contrary to the seasonal adjustment” of their visitors, as published HOSTELTUR.

Three years later they maintain their criticism and emphasize that “this way of proceeding only dissuades and discourages the visitor from his intention to visit the National Park outside the months of July and August”

In a joint statement, the three shipping companies state that “it is an anomaly that, since there is a reservation center, it stops working as of September 16 and the different types of accesses collected are not included, subjecting the visitor to uncertainty and insecurity on the way of traveling in this season, precisely when you want to de-seasonalize tourism ”.

Cies Island. (Picture of Diogo Palhais on Unsplash)

Three years ago the Xunta launched an access system that, as of September 16, prevents visitors who want to travel to the islands of the Atlantic Islands National Park process your authorization directly at the Reservation Center.

For this reason, Visitors must go to the shipping companies so that they, manually, request an authorization for each passenger, which the Administration takes days to confirm, so that “neither the visitors nor the shipping companies can know the available quota and the places that remain and, consequently, they cannot plan their trip in advance.”

For the shipping companies that signed the statement, this procedure is “archaic, not very transparent and inappropriate for the 21st century”, since “the time and criteria for granting authorizations after September 16, in low season, as well as the available seats, is a mystery that remains hidden for consumers and shipping companies, and that only the National Park knows. “