Argentina may reopen to Brazilians on November 2

Argentina may reopen to Brazilians on November 2

International tourism

Argentina’s reopening to tourism

On Saturday morning, the 24th, Argentine Tourism Minister Matías Lammens confirmed to the newspaper La Nación the rumors of an Argentine reopening to international tourism in November.

The information is not yet official – the details must be confirmed on Monday, October 26th.

But for now what is speculated is that:

  • Only air borders (and the maritime border with Uruguay) will be reopened. Land borders remain closed
  • At first, only citizens of contiguous countries (Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile) could enter
  • A Covid negative PCR test would be required for shipment
  • It has not yet been decided whether a new PCR test will be required upon disembarkation
  • Health insurance would be required to cover covid
  • No mention has yet been made of a possible limited opening of the border to Foz do Iguaçu

It is good to remember that the evolution of the pandemic in Argentina is lagging behind Brazil. Argentina only registered the interiorization of the pandemic in the last few months, and it is only now beginning to enter the plateau of new cases, while Brazil finally points to a decrease.

We will update this post whenever we know new details.