Argentina closed to Brazilians until January 8

Argentina closed to Brazilians until January 8

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Argentina closed to Brazilians and tourists from neighboring countries

From midnight on December 25, Argentina will be closed to Brazilians.

Argentina has just temporarily suspended its pilot program to reopen tourism. Brazilians, Uruguayans, Chileans, Paraguayans and Bolivians, who could arrive by air with a negative PCR test, can no longer travel to Argentina.

The measure is part of a package in reaction to the new strains of coronavirus that appeared in other countries. Flights from the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia are also prohibited.

In principle, as of January 9, Brazilians will be able to enter again. In case the previous rule comes into force without changes, visits will continue to be restricted to the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires. (Check all entry conditions in this post.)

The temporary closure of Argentina right at the end of the year holiday reinforces what we have been saying since always, here on the blog and on our social media. Buying international travel in the pandemic is always a risky investment. Measures can be enacted at any time, restricting access, mobility and permitted activities. And now, with the start of vaccination programs around the world, many countries will include being vaccinated among the entry requirements.

Wanting to take advantage of an unmissable offer, assess whether the trip remains viable if you have to pay an eventual fare difference – in the case of a border closure, for example.

If you have no family, professional, academic or love reasons, do not schedule trips abroad before the vaccine. And even when buying trips in Brazil, always check the conditions of rescheduling, cancellation and refund.