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APST elections – Albane Cotin wants to “accompany members out of this dark period”

Destinations – Why do you want to run for the APST Board of Directors, what are your motivations? Albane Cotin-Raynal: My motivations remain the same as when I first applied 10 years ago as regional delegate for the Basse-Normandie region initially, then administrator for 5 years now: to represent and ensure respect for the values ​​and know-how of our profession at the heart of the association. Furthermore, the composition of the board of directors does not seem to me to be sufficiently representative to date of the majority of APST members, namely the small and very small structures (of which I am a member) who commit themselves to their property personnel for the financial guarantee, unlike large companies… – What are your priorities for the APST? Albane Cotin-Raynal: My priorities are to support members as they emerge from this dark period that we have just gone through, and participate in the negotiations initiated by the current governance with the public authorities. – What do you think of the status changes? Was this necessary? Sufficient ? Albane Cotin-Raynal: Yes, the changes of statutes were necessary and subject to the approval of our Government. These last three years have shown us the limits of the operation of the association, which is no longer really adapted to the evolution of the tourism market, a sector as vulnerable as it is prosperous… The APST, created and managed by professionals in the tourism, cannot have the same skills as an insurance company to which it is too often likened. However, it remains the main and only financial guarantor of travel agencies to provide the guarantee in services, in addition to the cash guarantee, and we must work to ensure that the DNA of the association continues. In order to remedy the shortcomings previously exposed, the new statutes provide for the alliance of complementary skills with the creation of the various committees replacing the Bureau, as well as a more equal representation of the members of the Board of Directors (elected directors appointed according to their segment of business volume), while significantly reducing the preponderance of the main networks… – Do you think that strengthening counter-guarantees is a good thing? Albane Cotin-Raynal: Yes, the strengthening of counter-guarantees is a good thing, especially for the major risks that have had a strong impact on the APST in recent years… The main risks obviously do not come from small structures, but from large ones for which counter-guarantees are needed real and serious. Gone are the days of successful business built on trust, where business importance was thought to be a guarantee of solidity. The future belongs to small structures that have a better ability to anticipate and adapt.
READ ALSO: APST elections: how will the new board of directors work? – So how can we ensure the monitoring of companies at risk and prevent risks? Albane Cotin-Raynal: The creation of the risk committee is a real plus in the new organization of the association and the introduction of skills from outside tourism in terms of insurance and finance can only improve the vigilance necessary for the anticipation of major claims. . Regular monitoring of the various accounting documents for the most sensitive files could be carried out more systematically, for example on a half-yearly basis instead of annually. It would also be necessary to submit the acceptance of large files to a more objective assessment of the risk/profitability factor for the association, hence the interest of the various committees involving skills outside those of tourism (finance, insurance, etc.). ) – Are you worried about public reinsurance, when this has still not been validated by Europe? Albane Cotin-Raynal: The question of public reinsurance should normally soon be validated by Europe, since it is in force in our neighboring countries… It seems difficult to envisage a serene future for the association without this reinsurance after the Thomas Cook earthquake and in get out of this pandemic which has weakened many members. In addition, it seems essential to me to seek the approval of the public authorities again to validate the following project, which works very well in our neighboring countries: it seems that customers finance their own insurance according to the funds committed, as is the case in many sectors. – Do you expect to have to work more with the supervisory authorities and perhaps the CIRI, after several months of transition in 2021 and 2022? Albane Cotin-Raynal: It is very likely that we will have to work more with the supervisory authorities and perhaps also with the CIRI, but after the transition of 2021 and 2022 (a very exceptional period for our profession), the modalities of this work still remain to be defined in the duration. – Do you plan to run for the position of president of the APST? Albane Cotin-Raynal: (Laughs) This project does not really fit into the program of my priorities, especially since it would already be necessary to be elected with a sufficient number of votes to consider assuming the maximum mandate of 3 years. Indeed, according to the new statutes of the association, the duration of the mandate (between 1 and 3 years) will be carried out according to the number of votes obtained. Anyway, if I am re-elected, I will continue to be actively involved in the brand new board of directors!

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