Andorra, France and Portugal facing the de-escalation and the tourist start


Andorra in summer

According to Betim Budzaku, general director of Andorra Turisme, the promotion of the small country of the Pyrenees will be concentrated this summer in Spain, France and Portugal, “it is a great opportunity to enter normality, it is a very terrestrial tourism”, he explains. Andorra, with 75,000 inhabitants, had 8.3 million visitors last year. “Tourism has a fundamental weight for Andorra, more the winter than the summer but now we have the great challenge and the desire to do well and communicate well for the summer.”

France expected a record year

This 2020, France expected its record year of visitors, with 100 million tourists. Last year it registered 89 million visitors, so now it must “fight to regain a positive trend, both with respect to Europe and very especially with respect to distant countries, where the trend was very positive,” he explains. Dominique Maulin, CEO of Atout France in Spain.

As for the de-escalation, France is currently 15 days ahead of Spain, almost in Phase 3. There the hotels have not closed, although the restaurants have. “We expect announcements for the beginning of June, especially regarding restaurants, transport, airplanes, the opening of tourist activities, especially in Paris.” The capital collects 52% of the trips of the Spanish to France.

Portugal and its exemplary management

Portugal is ready to receive tourists. Explain Mª de Lurdes Vale, general director of Tourism of Portugal in Spain, which since day 18 is all open with security conditions, the restaurants are open with 50% of their capacity, although “air connections are very low at the moment, we usually have 104 companies flying to more than 200 destinations in 70 countries, and at the moment this is very small. ”

Portugal has been a world reference for good management and quick and exemplary reaction to avoid mass infections and deaths. “We are a country prepared for the new normality,” says Vale, “all regions have been working for sustainability for a long time, to be a family and sustainable destination. This situation requires all of us to reflect on what kind of normality we want, perhaps you have to change the focus, “he suggests. Spain is a very important market for Portugal: more than 5.5 million Spaniards travel to the neighboring country each year, and almost 3 million Portuguese travel to Spain. Portugal registered a total of 27 million tourists last year.