Andalusian hoteliers: reservations are canceled for the price of flights


Foreign tourists reserve their stays because currently the cancellation policy is “zero”, so that all money is returned in the event of cancellation, Callejón explained to Efe.

When they look at the flight to move to Spain, many of them cancel the accommodation reservation because, as the airlines have a reduced seating capacity, the prices are high compared to the usual ones to destinations such as Malaga, he indicated.

“The national client or the one residing in the south of France has a plan B”, because he can travel by car, but “other markets cannot,” said the president of FAHAT.

The airlines are operating with “few planes”, which means a higher price for tickets, which are usually purchased by those who want to see their relatives after months of confinement or “those who have dual residence and are compensated by coming a few months to enjoy “the destination, according to Callejón.

It has had an impact on the difficult situation that the tourism sector in general and hotels in particular are going through, since this summer, average occupations of 30 to 35 percent are expected on the Costa del Sol, so that holiday establishments that are open all year round “They have one foot here and one in the hereafter.”

For this reason, it has insisted on the need for the Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) to last until December 31 and measures are adopted to maintain employment when activity recovers.

In this sense, he has affirmed that he has verbally conveyed to the unions the need to make the hospitality agreement more flexible, with proposals such as the possibility of not applying the salary increases planned this year and in 2021, which would carry over to the following years, although moment has not been received.

Regarding the necessary protocols for the reopening of the establishments, Callejón has assured that the hotels have “all the ‘pre’ security”, and know “how to do everything” what the health authorities recommend to prevent COVID-19 but “We do not have the post,” he stressed.

“What happens if a sick client comes, 20 policemen are going to put me around the building ‘?” Asked the president of FAHAT, who added that this would be equivalent to “giving the police the keys to the establishment” because that company would no longer “raise its head.”