Alexandre Espitalier-Noël : "Solea est déjà en ordre de bataille depuis des mois et se prépare à une rentrée à haute intensité. Il est toutefois clair que nous allons naviguer à vue entre ouvertures et fermetures temporaires de destinations" - DR

Alexandre Espitalier-Noël: “Solea is preparing for a high intensity return to school”

Destinations – How do you see the recovery and what are the main challenges, according to you?
Alexandre Espitalier-Noël:
Despite the false hopes and other setbacks we experienced for a year and a half, I remain an eternal optimist.
Solea has already been in battle order for months and is preparing for a high intensity re-entry. It is however clear that we are going to navigate on sight between temporary openings and closings of destinations, good & bad surprises, even if the direction given by the government towards vaccinated clients seems to me to bring real hope.
There are places to take and Solea will be there as we are now an actor “ Islands “Much more comprehensive with the expansion of our production. – Will Human Resources play an axial role in reviving the tourism industry?
Alexandre Espitalier-Noël:
This will depend on the decisions taken during the crisis and their impacts. We were lucky to be able to maintain good momentum during this period and took the opportunity to improve our processes through training and various task forces that we would never have had the time to set up.
I also wanted a real restart at the team level from June so that the return to school in September is a simple formality. – At the level of your company, what are you going to change and what are the challenges to be taken up in the coming months? $
Alexandre Espitalier-Noël:
While relying on our first mission, which is to fill the establishments of the Sun Resorts group (a strength since we control the stock), Solea is now positioned as a more global specialist on the islands. Regarding our core business, which is to produce, we have developed our production in Africa, the West Indies and launched the Dominican Republic.
The challenges are multiple: to be there commercially, to serve our agencies qualitatively as quickly as possible by bringing added value, to have stock, to be financially sound, and to progress technologically in order to provide ever more service (on this point). we have just invested with one of our competitors and Beachcomber Tours friends to offer the best B2B quotes from November). – Do you fear this recovery, between the drop in aid, the repayment of assets and additional indebtedness (PGE)?
Alexandre Espitalier-Noël:
If the demand is there as I think it is, we are ready. Solea belongs to 2 large solid groups (Marietton and Sun Resorts). I often say that “front” we manage Solea like an SME which must be agile and efficient, while “back” everything is controlled by large structures which provide financial solidity, all the necessary structures. and various processes.
The combination is very interesting and allows to play on the 2 tables. – Faced with this pandemic, what do you think the tourism of tomorrow will look like?
Alexandre Espitalier-Noël:
On the one hand, more responsible, more respectful and more authentic tourism, and on the other hand, safer tourism.
The professionals that we are have a real chance to recreate and reinvent our profession in order to meet the expectations of the client and to accompany him throughout his journey, before, during and after. Let’s take advantage, it will be played out now!

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