Alda Hotels opens a new establishment in Oviedo


The Alda Estación Oviedo, formerly known as the Fénix hotel, has 18 rooms and is located very close to the Uría train and bus stations.

The company also has three other hotels in Asturias: Alda Pasaje and Alda Miramar Rooms, in Gijón, and Alda Palacio Valdés, in Avilés.

This is the chain’s sixth opening so far in 2021, after the recent openings in Santiago de Compostela of Alda Bonaval and Alda San Bieito, and, previously, of Alda Centro Pamplona. In addition, in May they opened the Alda Miramar Rooms, in Gijón, and in April the Alda Alboran Rooms, in A Coruña.

Alda Hotels currently has more than 40 hotel establishments in the north of Spain, being present in the communities of Galicia, Asturias, Castilla y León, Navarra and Aragón.