Airplane fear 2.0 | #ThinkingTravel

Airplane fear 2.0 | #ThinkingTravel

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Who expected this? In 2020, we are all afraid of flying. Whoever didn’t, now has it. Whoever had, has more.

If the previous version could be treated with analysis (or, ultimately, drugs), the fear of airplane 2.0 is a case for other medical specialties – the ones that are now highlighted in newspapers and on TV.

What we know: the Hepa air conditioning filter on airplanes purifies the air at all times, and the masks (N95, preferably!) That you and your seat neighbor use serve as mutual protection.

(Avoid talking about it: this is the new tag.)

If you think about it, taking a bus or subway brings a lot more risks: the air conditioning doesn’t have a special filter, and the will usually fill up with standing passengers.

As we incorporate the new protocols into our routine, we will end up losing a lot of fears – including the new fear of airplanes.

And you: trust the mask, or will you wait for the vaccine?

Posted on 7/29/2020

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