Airbus: zero orders of new aircraft in the month of may

Airbus: zero orders of new aircraft in the month of may

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Airbus already ties with Boeing in aircraft orders new: zero in the month of may. Boeing has not made public its figures for this month, but since January I had already had several months without orders, or even in some month a negative balance, with more order cancellations than new orders.

During may, the european manufacturer yes delivered 24 aircraft. But there has been one good news: no previous order has been cancelled, which is good news in the tidal wave that is suffering the sector.

Airbus is now producing only one-third of the planes per month than produced before and is studying the possibility of further reducing their productive potential.

Accumulated, during the first five months of the year, the european group has 299 net orders, net of cancellations.

As everyone knows, the airlines, drowned out financially, struggling desperately to delay deliveries, with the consequent postponement of payments.

Boeing, for its part, has not been made public yet may data, but in what was of year was much worse by the problem of 737Max, which has been somewhat eclipsed by the current crisis, but that has not yet achieved to be certified to fly again.