Air travel in a pandemic: how to prepare for a flight

Air travel in a pandemic: how to prepare for a flight

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How to prepare to travel by plane in the pandemic

In those times A.V. (Before the vaccine), even the most experienced travelers were again afraid of flying.

The reason is clear: the means of transport are the only environments where the social distancing protocols do not apply.

Airplanes, at least, have an advantage over urban transport: the powerful HEPA filters it’s the forced cooling system are able to inactivate the Covid virus.

But that does not prevent passengers from being too close to each other – in a way that would not be allowed in a restaurant or beauty salon.

If you’re going to board a plane, be prepared for what you’re going to face. It is better not to have false illusions.

  • The companies. airlines are selling the middle seat, yes

A flight with half empty seats cannot be profitable. Flights with few passengers have been canceled and passengers have been relocated at other times. It is rare for an airplane not to take off crowded.

  • Inside the plane, social distance is not feasible

Boarding and disembarking can be orderly, but a distance of 1.5 meters for those in front of you in the queue is an impossibility. Even if it were possible, when advancing on the plane you pass close to the colleagues who are already seated in the aisle seat.

How to prepare to fly

In any case, it is possible to reduce the level of paranoia. If you need to travel by plane, follow these recommendations:

  • Invest in a good mask

The model N95 masks (used by healthcare professionals and carpenters) have hospital-grade filtering, offer excellent sealing and can be used for several hours straight. In addition, they can be reused on the return flight, after ‘resting’ in a ventilated environment. Prefer good brands like 3m or Camper.

  • Add wide-view glasses or a face shield

This overprotection reinforces the shield against aerosols emitted by passengers beside them. (After applying your glasses or face shield on the x-ray, don’t forget to clean the piece with alcohol gel.)

  • Activate the fan above your seat
  • Pass alcohol gel frequently on your hands

When we reach the world D.V. (After the vaccine), the old perennials flying by plane are going to be cute, agree?