Air borders and foreigners | #TravelingInNews

Air borders and foreigners | #TravelingInNews

International tourism

After 120 days, Brazil again allows foreigners to arrive. But only by air, and as long as the flights are not destined for the states of Mato Grosso do Sul, Rondônia, Tocantins, Paraíba or Rio Grande do Sul.

(If anyone there knows of a direct international flight to Porto Velho or Palmas, please inform us by direct message.)

The measure was justified to “help with the resumption of tourism”. Know. The whole world is dying to come running to the country runner-up in cases of coronavirus, with the contagion curve still on the rise … Tell another one.

Despite the unfounded justification, the measure is correct. There is nothing more to fear: we already have local broadcast throughout the country.

With air borders reopened, bureaucracy for foreigners on business trips or for personal reasons falls. A small increase in demand may already stimulate companies. airlines to increase the frequency of flights, which has fallen to minimum levels. (Currently, even the few Brazilians who are allowed to travel to the Northern Hemisphere suffer from a lack of connectivity.)

And there is indeed a niche in tourism that can benefit from the end of restrictions: kitesurfing off the coast of those on the northeastern coast. If destinations between Maranhão and Rio Grande do Norte are quick enough to publicize the drop in covid cases there, they may still be able to save the season, which starts now in August and runs through December or January.

Posted on 7/30/2020

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