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A tourism trend on the green light, but impacted by inflation


His observation over the period studied from July 01 to July 25, 2022 in comparison with the month of July 2021 can be summed up in three points:

  • Dynamism of activity with an increase in business volume (+4.2% vs July 2021)…
  • …despite an average national basket down 5% (€35.2)
  • Among foreign tourists, Americans spend the most (20.3%).

After a post-pandemic recovery at breakneck speeds favored by record temperatures, the tourism sector is in the midst of a renaissance. However, the expenses of the French are marked by the return of inflation and budgetary restrictions which foreshadow uncertainty about the start of the school year. According to data collected by SumUp, the activity of French retailers increased by 4.2% in July 2022. This growth, from which some regions are particularly successful, is driven by the following sectors: Hospitality (+11.5 % on a national level). Île-de-France (+50.9%) and the Grand Est region (+38.3%) are showing strong dynamism. Catering (+6.5% nationally). The Centre-Val de Loire (+20.8%), followed by the Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur region (19.9%) stand out. Cannes, with an increase of +130.6% in its activity, is the city that is doing the most well. Tourism (+5.4% at the national level). Corsica is in the lead (59.5%) followed by Île-de-France (41.1%) in contrast to Hauts-de-France (-10%) and the Pays de Loire region (-13% ) which are at the bottom of the ranking. Leisure & Entertainment (+2% nationally). This is particularly in the Centre-Val de Loire (+45.5%) and Grand Est (+20.8%) regions, then respectively in the cities of Nice (+17.7%), Paris and Lyon (all two +12%) that we note the most significant increase.

But a declining average national basket marked by regional disparities

This positive finding should be qualified in view of an average basket that is down overall (-4.8%, from €35.2 to €33.6). In the current context of general price increases, French and foreign holidaymakers are tightening their belts even more. Proof of this is in the Leisure & Entertainment sectors: €32.8 (-7.1% in July 2022 vs July 2021), Catering: €21.5 (-4.6%), and Hotels : €115.1 (-13.3%). Catering: holidaymakers have generally spent less on eating out in major French cities. Only Marseilles stands out (+4.7%, €20) vs Paris (-13%, €24.9) and Cannes (-15%, €22.7) occupy the top of the charts. As for Lille (-15%, €15.6) and Strasbourg (-10%, €14.5), they close the ranking. Hotels: the Center Val de Loire stands out with a sharp increase in its average basket: +9.2%, €90.5. However, the general trend is downward. The Grand Est (-38%) and Île-de-France (-26.6%) regions are the worst off. Leisure and Entertainment: Marseille stands out with a significant increase in its average basket (+22%, with an average basket of €31). Conversely, Nice recorded a record average basket of €52 but an increase of only 3.2%.

A return of foreign tourists to France after two difficult years

With the easing of post-crisis travel restrictions and the reopening of borders, the return of foreign tourists to France is benefiting merchants with a +50% boom in foreign card spending. In the tourism sector, the top 5 holidaymakers who spend the most are:

  • Americans (20.3% of spending by foreign card vs 10% in 2021)
  • Belgians (17.3% vs 27.5% in 2021)
  • the British (14.1% vs 12.6% in 2021)
  • the Dutch (10.9% vs 16.4% in 2021)
  • Germans (7% vs 6.4% in 2021)

The regions that benefit the most from this dynamic are:

  • +166% in Brittany
  • +148.6% in Ile-de-France
  • +95.3% in Corsica
  • +87.2%, in Pays de la Loire
  • +77.7% in Hauts de France

Founded in 2012, SumUp is the financial partner of more than 4 million small traders in more than 35 markets around the world. Read also: Olivia Grégoire reports on the summer stage, a sign of “radiant” tourism The new Raffour Interactive barometer is available on TourMaG!