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7 lovely Norwegian hotels with character

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Is it tempting to spend an extra pleasant place this summer? Here I tip about selected historic hotels, a Hampton gem, a charming farm hotel and a luxurious rorbu!

If it becomes possible to travel around Norway this summer, one of my travel tips is to check in at a specialty lodging. Enjoy some luxury in the community holidays and give yourself a memorable experience! At the same time, you are helping to support local communities and the Norwegian tourism industry. That’s no stupid idea, is it?

As usual, I write about places I’ve personally visited. There are of course many other great accommodations in Norway. Among other things, Juvet landscape hotel is on my wish list … Maybe this is the year I get to go there?

Utne Hotel

Out of hotel

The historic wooden hotel Utne Hotel is almost three hundred years old – and clearly a place that charmed me in the sun. The hotel is located on the Utne ferry terminal, close to beautiful hiking trails and of course – with beautiful scenery just outside the door. Here you can eat delicious food from local products, join the tasting in the side cellar and have a culinary experience in the hotel restaurant.

Over the years, the hotel has been run by strong women. Mother Utne runs the hotel for a full 70 years, but today it is Bente Raaen Widding who, together with her husband, Kjetil Widding, is the host of Utne hotel. The 17 rooms are individually furnished and feature the “home” of an elderly relative.

Location: Out in Hardanger, Westland

Engø Gård

Engø farm

The former Pihls guest house opened its doors in 1924 and eventually became the renowned farm hotel Engø Gård. I’ve stayed here several times and had some really good dining experiences. The kitchen offers gourmet evening meals, focusing on locally grown ingredients.

A special feature of Engø Gård is the bathhouse in English “Conservatory Style”, with heated pool and hot tub. Start the day with a little swim in the hotel’s small garden before a longer breakfast. Activities include opportunities to join a lobster safari, play tennis, go cycling or – of course – go on a little excursion to the great World End.

Location: Tjøme in Vestfold and Telemark

Dalen Hotel

At the bottom of the Dalen in Telemark we find the magnificent Dalen Hotel from 1894. Here, prominent guests, such as the King of Siam, Chulalongkorn, the brutal ruler King Leopold II of Belgium, the Norwegian emperor Wilhelm and King Oscar II of Norway and Sweden, to name some, also visited.

Dalen Hotel - a piece of Norwegian history

These walls carry a bit of a Norwegian history. For once, Dalen was a cloud station and a hub, and with it, the Dalen Hotel was a centrally located accommodation for the more wealthy visitor.

Here, too, the most delicious dishes in the hotel’s restaurant – and afternoon tea in the afternoon, linger.

Location: The valley in Vestfold and Telemark

Gloppen Hotel

The garden of Gloppen Hotel

In 1853, Joachim Siversten got a license to sell beer and trade on the sites where Gloppen Hotel stands today. And in 1866 he was allowed to operate a hotel here. Sivertsen Hotel was a family hotel for 5 generations until the 80’s. Then the couple took over Dag and Irene Moen and christened the hotel Gloppen Hotel.

Today the sons Preben and Dag Håkon run the hotel, with traditions in the walls and local food from Nordfjord on the dish. I can sign that the food tasted great. Gloppen Brygg is the hotel’s own microbrewery, located in the hotel’s basement.

Location: Sandane in Westland

Nusfjord Artic Resort

Rorbuer i Nusfjord

The historic rorbu of the idyllic fishing village Nusfjord has today been transformed into a luxury resort. Here you can enjoy life close to nature, and at the same time learn more about what it was like to be a fisherman here in the village.

A total of 20 rorbu arches have today been transformed into luxury cabins with stylish interiors and a harmonious balance between comfort and tradition. Here you can enjoy good food at the Karoline restaurant or at the Oriana bar. Not least: Hos Nusfjord Artic Resort you can join Lofot fishing with local fishermen, take a trip around the Lofoten or, of course – go on top trips in the area around the fishing village.

Location: Lofoten in Nordland


Stotvig Hotel

About an hour’s drive from Oslo in the direction of Sweden, this Hamptons eastfold pearl waits by name Stotvig Hotel. The history goes back to 1900, as one of the Oslo’s most recognized hotels for more than a hundred years.

Stotvig Hotel

In 2011, the hotel was demolished and the hotel we find today carries more New England style feel than a local Nordic feel. Støtvig Hotel is especially popular as a conference hotel, but also as a spa hotel for friends on a team trip or a couple seeking a romantic weekend. Also outdoors we find a pool, and the hotel is close to the Oslo Fjord with its own jetty and a small beach.

Location: Larkollen in the bay

Get rid of God

Thick timber walls, chandeliers, beautiful wallpaper and windows. Fresh flowers, lovely food, fireplace lights and candles. In the middle of nature, 20 minutes by car from Oslo, lies Losby Gods, a large farm with history and traditions from the mid-1800s. As the festivities of the day, hospitality is also promised today. And we will. That, and lovely food and good drinks.

Built on the large area of ​​Lørenskog, erected by lumber trader Meyer’s family, it was built on 1000 sqm with ballrooms, hunting lounges and accommodations for the many guests visiting the estate from the capital Christiania. Even King Haakon spent much of his time here – and spent the night in the custom-made room on the third floor, where his four-poster bed is still in use. Read my previous review here

Location: Finstadjordet, Viken