5 steps to making a safe trip before the vaccine

5 steps to making a safe trip before the vaccine

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Tips for safe travel before vaccination

After 4, 5, 6 months at home, we gradually leave the quarantine. Until the vaccine arrives, however, every trip will involve some risk. See how to travel safely at this stage of the pandemic.

1. Give preference to the car

Road to the Mirror

Dirt road? Right now, it’s an advantage

When traveling by car you avoid prolonged contact with many people + in a closed environment + without the social distance that happens in airplanes.

Even if you trust your mask and the plane’s HEPA filter, traveling by car at this time will always be less stressful.

But if you have to travel by plane, let’s go: follow these tips on how to travel by plane in the pandemic.

2. Find out if the hotel is being firm with guests

travel safe breakfast on the table

Breakfast served at the table: good sign

The biggest factor of concern when staying at hotels, inns and resorts is the behavior of other guests.

Clients who flock or who do not respect the obligation to wear masks (indoors and when traveling around the hotel) put their health at risk and end their dream of a relaxing trip.

You cannot predict when you will meet guests like that at your hotel.

But you can take precautions by checking if the hotel is serious about implementing the protocols. More than ever, read recent guest reviews. Many reviewers are giving details about the application of hygiene procedures in the pandemic. Take a look at the reviews Booking and another on TripAdvisor.

3. Choose an agglomeration-proof destination

Gonçalves: tourist destination without coronavirus

Gonçalves (MG) has no buzz

Destinations close to major cities, and which have a “footing street” concentrating commerce and restaurants, are places where agglomeration has always been an attraction. A lot of people choose these destinations precisely because of the movement.

So it is worth investing in smaller, quiet places, crowded proof:

  • Mountain towns with chalet accommodation
  • Beaches with complicated access and / or no tent tent (
  • Nature destinations without mandatory group tours

Such places yield the most profitable and stress-free safe travels of this pandemic moment.

4. Is the place busy? Go between 2nd and 5th

Buzios safe travel

Buzios: empty from Monday to Thursday (excluding holidays and vacations)

Outside of holidays, holidays and weekends, practically every Brazilian tourist destination will be half empty – even those closer to the capitals, famous for restaurants and with the most sought after beaches.

Campos do Jordão, Gramado, Buzios, Paraty, Beautiful island, Praia do Forte, Tiradentes, Pirenópolis… places where agglomeration is the norm on the weekend will be super quiet from Monday to Thursday. You will be able to relive part of the routine before the pandemic, going to bars and restaurants without risk of crowding.

5. If traveling on holidays, prefer to rent a house

Chalé da Floresta safe travels

My cottage, my destination

From here to the vaccine, the most privileged travelers are those who can travel outside of holidays.

However, if you can only travel on holidays, one way to minimize risk and stress is to rent a season house.

But not just any house: a house cool. Whatever a destination in itself. A house that provides that escape from the quarantine and can make you do not want to go out at night or even take many day trips. You travel on holiday, but only get together as a family.

In order not to have a job, take frozen food from home and / or take advantage of the delivery, which developed wildly in every corner during the pandemic.