5 family resorts in the Vosges

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Today, Anne France, Vosges mother gives us his favorite family resorts in the Vosges. A selection at top 5 family resortss to help you choose where to go for your next ski vacation.

So here is the list of the best family resorts in the Vosges according to Anne France:

  • La Bresse – Hohneck
  • Gérardmer
  • Ballon d’Alsace
  • Bussang Larcenaire
  • The Board of the Beautiful Girls

La Bresse-Hohneck the largest family resort in the Vosges

  • Altitude from 910m to 1350m
  • Package prices: € 32.60 / day / adult – € 27.40 / day / child

The Bresse-Hohneck it is the largest domain skiable in the North-East of France, with its 34 slopes for all levels: 6 green – 14 blue – 13 red – 1 black, with 6 chairlifts including 2 detachable, and 11 ski lifts. We can do ski at dawn (from 6 a.m.) for the brave who want to avoid the crowds; the nocturnes also allow you to ski until 9.45 p.m. on the 9 lighted and sounded tracks.

Accommodation at the foot of the slopes guaranteeds, catering and various activities.

Station labeled “family plus”

Nurseries for babies and children in the Vosges resort:

  • Daycare from 3 months to 6 years old
  • Nursery from 3 to 6 years old
  • Ludoneige: daycare and ski

Winter family activity

  • Luge on rail 4 season: the “Schlitte Mountain”: sledging on 4-season rails with alternating banked turns and spins on a 900-meter circuit.
  • Widoo ski play area
  • Snowmobile
  • Toboggan area
  • Giant zip line: Fantasticable

Nordic area

On the “Lispach” area 7 cross-country ski trails, 5 snowshoe routes and a biathlon stadium.

My opinion on the resort:

it is the station which most suitable for those used to alpine resorts without having to go too far. I don’t like it at all, it is the big ski factory in the Vosges, but on site there is absolutely everything you need. On the other hand, I really like their Nordic site for cross-country skiing and snowshoe routes or even super nice biathlon events, in magnificent landscapes.


  • Altitude from 850m to 1140m
  • Package prices: € 29.50 / day / adult – € 24.10 / day / child

Second big station after Bresse, She is more family. The town of Gérardmer is nicknamed the ” pearl of the Vosges“, It has many assets to seduce you, including the longest green slope of the Vosges (2900meters of sliding).

21 runs: 21 linked runs over 40 km (2 black, 8 red, 3 blue and 8 green) with 19 chair lifts and ski lifts. Night skiing with lighted and sounded slopes is also possible.

Family activities in Gérardmer

equally labeled “family plus”, the station is full ofdiverse activities.

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Tobogganing course and free play area at the bottom of the slopes
  • Igloo Loustic play area
  • Swincar: electric cart for teens
  • Biathlon


  • ESF daycare from 18 months to 5 years old – 15 places
  • Daycare from 3 months to 5 years old – reservation required

Nordic area

the “Bas-Rupts” cross-country ski area offers 30km of trails allowing you to take a breath of fresh air in the middle of the magnificent Vosges forest! The domain is linked with that of La Bresse and Xonrupt, thus forming the largest in eastern France; it takes several days to find out in full! There is something to do … there is also several routes for snowshoeing, and what is needed for the practice of biathlon.

My opinion on the Gérardmer family resort:

I really like skiing in Gérardmer. There are fewer people than in Bresse and the slopes are very pleasant. Often, beginners are confined to the bottom of the slopes, but not at Gérardmer we have access to the very top of the area, to go down par a long green track ! By sliding on it, we can see the Gérardmer lake, it’s splendid!


It’s up to you to go to the mountains in winter!

Family ski file


Ballon d’Alsace

  • Altitude from 1097m to 1247m
  • Package prices: € 19.50 / day / adult – € 16.50 / day / child

Station at the crossroads of the Territoire de Belfort, Haut-Rhin et des Vosges: 16 slopes: 5 green, 3 Blue, 3 red, 4 black and a snowpark with only ski lifts.

Family activities

  • Racket
  • Sled Dog
  • Luge area: Toboggan run at the Col des Démineurs (summit) – Langenberg toboggan run

Nordic area

5 cross-country ski trails, 5 snowshoe circuits and dog sledding activity with the “pack of Balls”.

My opinion on the family resort of Ballon d’Alsace:

I really like coming here because the tracks do not all lead to the same place, it is very varied, and the atmosphere very relaxed, the slopes are super wide with room! The only downside is that theaccommodation on site is almost non-existent, you have to take the car and drive a few kilometers to find a rental. The sled dog activity, which we tested a few years ago, remains a very beautiful memory. for my kitties. A great experience.

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Bussang-Larcenaire: the family resort without a surfer!

  • Altitude 822m to 970m
  • Package prices: € 16.90 / adult / day – € 14.70 / child / day

It is a very small station on the heights of village de Bussang. There are fewer slopes: 3 blue, 3 green, 1 red, 1 black. 5 ski lifts, hyper family resort, totally suitable for beginners.

On site, collective hotel accommodation, Azureva.

Station without surfers.

Equipment rental and catering at the foot of the slopes, which all meet in the same place, very safe to let your children evolve!

Nordic area of ​​the small family resort of Bussang Larcenaire

There are also departures for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

My opinion on this Vosges ski resort:

It’s really nice to learn to ski here, the beginner ski lift is really very slow, perfect for toddlers, because when you learn to ski, it’s better to know how to take the buttock! All this without breaking the bank, because here the packages are not expensive at all.

La Planche des Belles filles, the only resort in Haute-Saône! (Southern Vosges)

  • Attitude 950m to 1148m
  • Package prices: € 15 / adult / day – € 10 / child / day

It is a very small station, much better known as the point of arrival at the top for the stages of the Tour de France cyclist with its slope at more than 20%, moreover the runners roll on the ski slope! In addition, it is the only alpine ski resort in the Haute-Saône department, with 6 slopes: 2 green, 2 blue, 1 red and 1 black.

There is an on-site equipment rental and a restaurant.

Winter activities to try with the family in the Vosges

  • Scooters
  • Tubing
  • Roll’herbe
  • Explor’game

Nordic area

23 km of cross-country ski trails, linked to the Ballon d’Alsace and 3 marked trails for snowshoeing.

My opinion on the resort:

Station which was almost abandoned, and which is gradually revitalizing to offer more and more additional activities (Electric scooters, tubing, roll’herbe, explor’games…) Perfect for learning to ski without breaking the bank or spending too much! However, there is a lack of accommodation on site.

Finally, to see if the Vosges slopes are open and to see the ski conditions at a glance, go for a ride on this very well done facebook page .

A big thank you to Anne-France for her impressions and opinions on these family resorts in the Vosges!

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