3-day weekend in Paris with children

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When you live in the Province, shipping to Paris with the family is quite a journey! Lived and tested during my day at EfluentMum2013, round trip by train from Grenoble during the day! So you imagine as a family …

here is our program and itinerary for this 3-day weekend in Paris with the family

  • Family visit to Paris Day 1: road and science museum
  • Day 2: Visit of the Eiffel Tower, Boat on the Seine, visit of Notre Dame, Champs Elysée
  • Day 3: Garden of the Buttes Chaumont
  • Which hotel in Paris with the family?
  • Tips for visiting Paris with children

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Between train or car hours (6 to 8 hours in the best case), the metro to take with the children, the countless choice of places to see, care must be taken not to overload yourself to take advantage of this family weekend in Paris. The goal is to have fun and make children want to come back! You won’t see everything the first time!

So plan to do 2 or 3 visits maximum for the weekend.

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Paris with the family: Day 1 for fun and for children!

For this 3-day family weekend, our program was well defined. Arrival in Paris at the end of the morning after an 8 hour drive, our small family already had a busy schedule!

Visit of the City of Sciences

Parking the car then direction City of Sciences so that Mini Voyageuse will forget this great trip! Located in La Villette, next to the famous geode it’s a great activity to occupy your children in Paris in rainy weather! There, it is impossible that they are painful! They have too much to do or see!

The children are playing and learning many physical principles and it really is a good time with the family.

This attraction is divided into 2 parts: one for 2 – 7 year olds and one for 6-12 year olds, allowing everyone to find inspiration. Each year temporary exhibitions change, and allow families visiting Paris regularly to come back to discover the novelties.

  • Book tickets for part 2 – 7 years
  • Book your tickets for 5 – 12 year olds

It was the only thing we had done that afternoon because afterwards we were invited to a birthday party. So to be sure that Mini Voyageuse could stay up late, we took a nap at the end of the day!

Paris with children The City of Children

D2: the essentials of Paris with children

For this 2nd day, we had planned a great day, with the grandparents of Mini Voyageuse, to discover Paris. I admit that we walked quite a bit: a big walk in the capital! Fortunately Mini Voyageuse had 4 different carriers to relieve those little legs.

Eiffel Tower

Arrived by the Trocadéro, the large esplanade providing a superb view of the Eiffel Tower, we then joined the square to climb into the Parisian iron lady.

To avoid the impressive queue, better go early! And we chose to go through the stairs and went up to the 2nd floor. Miss traveler did it without problem by taking a good break on the 1st floor!

With Mini Voyageur for the moment, we just came back to see the Eiffel Tower up close! His dream was to go under!

Idea unusual visit: To discover the Eiffel Tower in an unusual way, if you’ve been there several times, why not opt ​​for a guided tour with an actor, but only valid from 6 years old!

  • Book your skip-the-line ticket for the Eiffel Tower
  • Climb to the top of the Eiffe Tower
  • (These 2 priority entries are accompanied by a guide)
Paris with children - The Eiffel Tower

Then a small reward to motivate Mini Voyageuse before the rest of the day … The merry-go-round located


Navigate the Seine by boat

A good way to enjoy Paris with the children! This makes it possible to avoid walking for too long, you can see the capital more calmly, children can sit and rest.

With the Batobus, we take a ticket valid for the day that allows you to get on and off the boats at each stop and thus head towards monuments near the Seine. It comes down to a much cheaper river cruise than cruises with dinner, not necessarily suitable with children

We were thus able to get to theIle de la Cité to see Notre Dame Cathedral.

>> Buy your BatoBus tickets

We like: the treasure hunt planned for the Batobus, from 17 €

Paris with children Bateau Mouche

The Notre-Dame cathedral

Arriving by riverboat, we took the opportunity to visit the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. There too, a long queue in the drizzle! But entry remains free except for those who want to climb one of the towers.

Miss Voyageuse very much enjoyed the visit and was impressed by the atmosphere of the place! Since our visit, a treasure hunt exists to discover this place in a more fun way with children

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Paris with Notre Dame children

Walk on the Champs Elysée

Then head to the Champs Elysée to discover the avenue at the end of the day … Depending on the time of day you go up the Champs Elysée, you can take a break to rest the children by going up in the Ferris Wheel in Place de la Concorde!

Of course, the Arc de Triomphe is a must-see on this avenue, with the possibility of climbing on the roof

Paris with the family day 3: direction Parc Chaumont

That morning, we had an appointment with a friend near the Garden of the Buttes Chaumont and we did just that! Mini Voyageuse was delighted to enjoy the outdoor games without having to walk.

It’s a much more unusual visit and off the beaten track, but we are delighted to have discovered this little corner of Paris, even in the rain

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Where to stay with the family for a weekend in Paris?

Here are our tips for to stay in Paris, our itinerary for these 3 days

First of all you have to choose accommodation, either a hotel or a rental apartment with All-Paris-Apartments! Consider taking it to 2 steps from a metro station and if your budget allows it, the center to be able to access all the important monuments. Returns at the end of the day will be even easier for the very tired legs of your children!

For our part, being a birthday party on the 1st evening on the quays of the Seine, near the Bois de Boulogne, we had chosen the Indigo campsite in Bois de Boulogne: The bungalows were clean, quiet (in June), a good place to see Paris differently!

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Tips for discovering Paris with the family

Explore Paris from home before leaving

Before visiting Paris, it is best to introduce your child to this city through books. Mini Voyageur had studied the monuments of Paris at school before his first visit. But you will be able to find book ideas in this article to present them to your child. Once there, use a children’s guide to Paris

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Buy your tickets in advance

To avoid queues that get on the nerves of the whole family, buy and book your tours online. Most of them are also skip the line and you don’t have to wait to make your visits.

>> Book your family visits to Paris

Bring back memories

And of course, you will not escape the memories, chosen by the children …


Other ideas for visits to Paris

So that was a little preview of what you can do in 2/3 days in Paris with children! If you have more time there is of course a lot more to see. My sister-in-law particularly liked the Acclimatization park, for her 2 little ones of 3 and 4 years old. What to occupy them without bickering 😉

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  • Day 5: Our visit to the Luxembourg Gardens
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And what did you privilege during your family weekend in Paris?

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