2020: what remains positive in the travel subject

2020: what remains positive in the travel subject

International tourism

2020 was a year in which we travel little, but we talk a lot about our desire to travel.

Let’s agree that no one deserves to go through the 2020 retrospective? So let’s get straight to what it’s worth: what was good and what we can risk on post-vaccine travel.

The year we learned to disembark from the plane

Since March, few people have traveled by plane. But anyone who has boarded in recent months must have been surprised by what happens after landing.

Because of the covid protocols, the landing is now organized by row. Passengers get up as the flight attendants clear each row.

There are few things we want to take from 2020, but this is certainly a habit that should stay.

The year we learn to pay attention to tariff conditions

If you have not had to postpone or cancel any trips this year, know that you are a privileged person.

Serial travelers needed to change or cancel scheduled trips at some point during the year.

We had to come to terms with old rules and new laws, not always created in our favor.

In theory, we could solve everything online, on the websites of those who sold us the trips. In practice, many of us ended up dedicating good hours of our social isolation to the phone, waiting for a service that often did not happen.

If we suffer from the unpredictable, the lesson that remains is at least to avoid the predictable. Paying attention to the rescheduling and cancellation conditions is essential in any trip purchase.

The teaching remains: while the pandemic lasts, don’t buy a headache disguised as a bargain.

The year in which travel agents reaffirmed their value

Few sectors of the economy have been affected as much as tourism.

Domestic tourism still showed a reaction at the end of the year. But those who specialize in international travel saw their business wane in 2020.

Even though they were severely affected by the pandemic, travel agents were once again essential. Those who bought their trips with an agent had assistance when rescheduling, canceling or requesting a refund for their reservations.

When foreign consulates and companies. airlines were inaccessible and the internet had no reliable answers, the agents were the only ones who knew who could or could not travel to each place.

If you know someone who had their problems solved by a travel agent in 2020, ask for the contact – and use it for the next trip.

The year that the companies. airlines rediscovered … tourism

Brazilian domestic aviation is totally focused on business travel. Tourism comes in just to close the bill.

The pandemic, however, brought not only the home office. I also brought business meetings through Zoom. It is difficult for business trips to return to what they were, even after the virus is under control.

As tourism reacted first, tourist routes gained priority in the resumption.

Parnaíba, which had only one weekly flight before the pandemic, now has two. Canoa Quebrada, which was served by a route from Recife, now receives flights from Campinas. Jericoacoara had its network restored, and Cabo Frio, reinforced.

Búzios, Paraty, Angra dos Reis, Ubatuba, Itanhaém, Guarapari, Canela – all are receiving regular planes this summer.

Our wishes for 2021 and beyond: that the companies. airlines continue to invest in tourist routes, preferably direct, from more and more cities.

The home office year for travel

Remember the “digital nomads”? Before the pandemic, they were young-adventurers-freelancers who worked in the ‘creative economy’ and led frugal lives.

But in 2020, men and women with formal jobs, a fixed address and a family to support were also able to get a taste of digital nomadism.

Whoever had a house in the country or on the beach – or enough money to rent one – took the opportunity to set up a home office away from home. Instead of working ‘from home’, these lucky people worked ‘from home’.

Wants to know? There is no turning back. And it will democratize. With the end of 100% face-to-face work, you will not need to have a managerial position or salary to practice a little digital nomadism from time to time.

When the pandemic passes, many people will realize that it is possible to anticipate travel when the holidays are far away. You can leave early and come back later on holidays, avoiding the most expensive or most congested transportation days. That finally there is a way to coincide holidays for couples or friends who can never travel together.

Just be willing to take a little work on the road.

Do you find it strange? Digital nomads don’t find it, and you probably won’t soon find it either.

2021: Vaccination tourism x Tourism with vaccination

Every once in a while, serious or joking comments arise about a possible “vaccination tourism” next year: trips abroad with the aim of getting the vaccine.

It will be possible? We don’t believe. Most likely, vaccination is a requirement for entry in most countries. And even if this is not confirmed, vaccines are administered in two doses, weeks apart. It doesn’t seem doable.

What we are going to have, for sure, is tourism with vaccination. Whoever is vaccinated first – the two doses, plus the time required for the second dose to act completely – will travel abroad first.

If you are over 60, or work in health or education, or have a serious illness, you will be vaccinated in one of the phases already disclosed by both the federal program and the São Paulo program for the first half of the year.

And the rest? We will need to wait for the other phases. Or hope that, much later this year, with rich countries having already guaranteed all the doses they need, vaccines can be marketed by the private network.

But don’t count on it. The best thing to do is to pressure the authorities to vaccinate all Brazilians as soon as possible.

So that hugs, meetings, classes, concerts, theater plays, movies in the cinema, parties come back … and then, why not?, International trips.

Viaje na Viagem wants your vaccine to come soon and that in 2021 you still have time to get revenge on 2020.