20 tips for surviving an airplane trip with your baby [vidéo inside]

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the airplane trip with baby, it scares a lot of people! Especially for the 1st flight with the 1st baby!

So I made a little video for you to group my 20 tips to be zen and relaxed for your first plane trip with your baby. This video will allow you to know everything to take the plane with a baby under one year old (before the walk …)

How to manage your reservation to bottle-feeding on the plane… and from what age to take the plane with the baby….

I tell you everything in this video:

For those who do not have time to watch the video, here is finally following your request all my tips for taking a plane with a baby in writing and printable in addition

1 – Plane with baby: Take a direct flight

To save a few euros, we tend to take the cheapest flight. Pay attention to the number of stops and the duration of these. It will tire baby a lot more!

If there must be a stopover, prefer either very long stopovers that allow you to get out of the airport, or stopovers of 2 hours maximum so that your little one does not paw too impatiently.

2 – Book flights either in the morning or in the evening

  • The little ones are in principle in better shape so as not to break your feet
  • In the evening to hope that they fall asleep during the flight! we hope but it is not necessarily winning and the neighbors will be less patient than the day because they too tired

3 – Reserve a carrycot for your infant for long haul

  • the carrycot is suitable for children of 80 cm for about 10 kg
  • this allows you to be a little more free, and to be able to move without having baby with you all the time
  • If this is not possible, small beds are now made especially for air travel with young children

4 – Reserve a place with windows if you are 2

  • Baby loves to look out the window, you can show him the sky, the ground etc … especially on arrival when the flight becomes long for our impatient little ones
  • This allows you to manage the brightness and so you can close the window if baby wants to sleep.

5 – Arrive with your family early at the airport long before your flight with your baby

  • To reserve the place you need,
  • Trying to have a basket
  • Don’t run with baby in your arms

6 – Change baby before entering the plane

  • To avoid the super narrow changing table on the plane
  • Or the bad surprise when boarding when you will not be able to move the seats for at least 3/4 hours

7 – Don’t hesitate to skip the naps that baby should take while waiting at the airport; he should sleep better during the flight

This is advice that really depends on your baby. If it is difficult for him to fall asleep when he is very tired, forget this advice. My children have always had happy fatigue, they would then fall asleep in 2 seconds!

8 – Get comfortable in the plane with baby

  • If baby has a carrycot, wait until the plane has taken off and the belts can be unfastened to install it
  • If baby is on your lap, tie him up with the belt so he can fall asleep quickly without having to wake him up in turbulence
  • have their own seat but paying for children under 2 years old

9 – Feed the baby on take-off and especially on landing

  • Most stressful problem for parents: baby starts screaming on landing
  • Avoid the too tasty bottle, baby will drink too quickly and it will be useless
  • Choose a lollipop

10 – Bring a change of clothes for you and your baby

  • To have changes, in case of untimely exits of foreign bodies, after a copious bottle
  • Have a practical and easy to use mat and changing bag with small first aid kit

11 – Walk with baby in the aisles

  • to let off steam, to make him discover new things, to put him to sleep
  • to meet the other little travelers stuck on this plane

12 – Airplane friendly clothes, comfortable for baby and for yourself

  • Provide pleasant clothes to jiggle around without too much zipper
  • Easy to remove for changing in the tiny toilet

13 – Have a practical and easy-to-use mat and changing bag with a small first aid kit

  • Take a waterproof changing mat under the underside for changing baby in the airplane toilet before take off (not always a very clean changing table, it is often changed on the edge of the sink
  • Diapers should be super accessible because you can’t put much on the changing table on the plane
  • The small first aid kit for the plane: paracetamol, phy liquid, thermometer, calming for the growth of teeth

14 – Plan a long time to heat up the bottle and jars, everything is done in a bain-marie,

  • Or ask for very hot water before boarding so that the water is at the right temperature at the time of the bib … ???
  • Also think about isothermal bottles very practical in this kind of trip

15 – Use small doses to prepare the bottles (the bulk of the milk is in the holds)

  • Plan the number of bottles to give during the flight, add one for safety, bottle upside down during preparation …

16 – Take toys that are not too noisy on the plane:

  • rattle, fabric book, small box to open and close
  • No toy with parts that separate under penalty of slipping on all fours under the seats

17- Have a baby carrier :

  • to calm baby more easily and not to disturb him when he is sleeping and eating a little,
  • also useful when waiting at customs, so you will have your hands free and the baby-walker will not tire of trampling

18 – Stay calm throughout the flight

  • Do not stress, oh yeah, the malicious looks of those around you, your baby is “painful” is that there is something wrong, he is not doing it to annoy you

19 – Traveling in pairs as much as possible

  • We can take turns in the event of the baby’s headache
  • We feel stronger in the face of reproachful looks from other passengers
  • We can try to take turns sleeping if your little one decides to make a sleepless night

20 – Do not take the plane too early if it is not mandatory

  • Get to know your baby: you will be better equipped to know all the intonations of a cry which have very different meanings (fatigue, hunger, pain …)
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And you, what homemade tricks do you use to to take a plane with baby?