15 outings and activities in Drôme Ardèche

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Originally from Valencia, I have done all my family outings in Drôme-Ardèche. My nephews still living in the region, I take pleasure in doing discover this region for my children for a few family weekends!

I will try to present them to you from north to south of Drôme Ardèche (and even

Go on a safari in Peaugres – family outing in Drome # 1

The zoo – essential safari for all the local children since its creation in 1974. We leave for a real car safari to discover bears, felines, etc. A waking dream for the little ones on more than 80 hectares. The visit then continues on foot, to a more traditional zoo; in total more than a hundred species and a thousand animals. A play area allows children to let off steam and / or have a picnic.

Explore the Postman’s Ideal Palace – Family outing in Drôme # 2

I told you about it here, to have the impression of discovering a Khmer temple in France! The Postman Cheval’s ideal palace is an unusual place in Drôme. This palace created stone by stone by this factor has become a real palace, allowing young and old to discover this place full of magic. Begun in 1879, this 25 m high monument was completed in 1912. When I visited it, floors were accessible, I don’t know if it’s still possible!

Sail on Isère with a wheeled boat – Drôme activity with child # 3

At the foot of the gigantic aqueduct is the start of the wheel boat! For a little aquatic stroll, what could be better than to navigate on Isère, going up towards Romans. The advantage of a wheeled boat is its slowness allowing discover the banks overgrown with reeds, where many birds nest ! A good family time to let yourself be lulled by the waves. At the exit, why not visit the Thai cave nearby !

  • Address : 3 Place des Fontaines de Thaïs – 26190 Saint-Nazaire en Royans
  • The official site
  • Our tip: take advantage of group tickets to visit the main attractions of the area

See the hanging village and its Pont en Royans water museum # 4

Ideal for go cool in summer, discover the incredible constructive exploits of this village. Get off picnic by the water and take the opportunity to discover the little water museum.

Taking the narrow but beautiful road of the Bourne gorges, you can go into Isère, Vercors to join the superb cave of Choranche!

  • Our opinion: cross the river to better appreciate the technical prowess of these hanging houses

Hiking on the plateaux and passes of Vercors – Family activity in Drôme Ardèche # 5

In the Drôme valley, the Vercors plateau overlooks us! So why not take a look at it, climbing by its little roads to the most famous passes, like the Col de la Bataille, or at the Belvedere Col du Rousset. The view is breathtaking to the foothills of the Ardèche! Take advantage of course to walk in the sector!

Taste the chocolate from the city of Valrhona chocolate

A very nice outing for foodies ! The visit is very complete to know the origins of chocolate, its culture and its transformation. It’s fun enough to please children too. Of course, you can taste some Valrhona chocolates!

Since our visit with the cousins, cooking workshops seem
open to learn wonderful recipes with
Valrhona chocolate makers

  • Address : 12 Avenue du Président Roosevelt – 26600 Tain l’Hermitage
  • The official site

Wonderful world of elves in Hostun – outing with child north of the Drôme # 6

A little outing to discover the magical world of elves. A relaxed atmosphere for this small park, with simple but effective constructions. A little treasure hunt takes you into the woods on a small marked route!

Tested with the cousins, everyone was delighted with the visit! To appreciate, it is better to have kept your child’s soul! Picnic areas are accessible to extend this lovely outing!

  • Address : 6 Route des Guerbys, 26730 Hostun
  • The official site
  • Our opinion: it’s pretty rustic, made of brix and jug, but it gives charm to the place!

The railway garden in Chatte (family outing in Isère, 2 steps from the Drôme!) # 7

For fans of model trains, an impressive set of decor, rails! Children can spend hours watching the little trains spinning at high speed in the reconstructed landscapes.

Visited when my big one was only 3 years old, I can’t find the photos anymore! Do not hesitate to give your opinion in comment

Upie bird garden – Animal outing in Drôme Ardèche for children # 8

A small animal park specializing in birds from around the world. It has been around for years, since it was part of school trips!

The little ones will appreciate the farm to walk among the pets!

  • Address : 1785 Montoison
  • The official site
  • Our opinion : a park visited as a child, and which disappointed me a little when I returned with our children – the aviaries were at times really too small! But the kids loved it!

Climb the tower of Crest – family outing in Drôme provençale #9

Going towards the Drôme river, you will surely pass
near Crest. Do not hesitate to climb on his dungeon, the
highest in France, to contemplate the hills of the beginning of the
Drôme Provençale, and the entrance to the Diois mountains. This
old prison will amaze you!

Bathing in Drôme in Diois – family outing in Drôme Ardèche #10

Other good idea for cool off during heat waves:
go on a picnic and swim in the Drôme. Go up first
see the jump of the Drôme, then find a little corner to enjoy
the joys of white water!

  • What to do in Drôme : kayaking, canoeing are a good way to discover this pleasant river! In summer, I went down from the top of my 9 years, this river with my father kayakers

Visit Valence # 11

Look for her head house, visit its archaeological museum, then have a good time in her pretty Jouvet park, where a little train allows you to cross the park, and to shout when you go through the tunnel (childhood memory!)

Cross the Rhône to go to Ardèche and discover the Crussol castle which overlooks the entire Drôme valley

Crocodile farm – family outing in Drôme provençale #12

A very popular outing in the region, especially in extreme cold…
Indeed in this center, the temperatures are very mild for
suitable for crocodiles, caimans from around the world.
allows to see many reptiles. We follow a course
overlooking the areas where animals are confined!

Nougat and confectionery workshop around Montélimar – activity for children in Drôme provencale #13

No particular address to recommend, but there are
without a doubt, workshops and museums to discover the famous
Montélimar candy: nougat. This confectionery based
almond and hazelnut will delight your whole family!

  • Our advice: watch out for moving teeth, they may stick to the nougat! The little mouse will have to go out!

In Grignan: its Renaissance castle and its miniature Provençal village # 14

A visit that I discovered as an adult, in a tribe with friends,
while my aunt worked at the foot of the castle all my

A great discovery, on a guided tour to find out more about this
castle which hosted the Countess of Sévigné. In
summer, shows are played regularly!

Next door, if your children like models and miniatures, discover the decor of a Provencal village in miniature

Address : Château de Grignan – 26230 Grignan

The official site

The Pont d’Arc and the Chauvet Cave – family outing in Drôme Ardèche #15

Located near Vallon Pont d´Arc, these 2 sites have been
reputation of the Ardèche. A bridge and a cave dating back thousands
years. A short weekend will be the perfect time to enjoy
this corner, with a visit to the caves, a short hike and a
swimming in the Ardèche!

  • The official site
  • Our opinion : avoid this region in the middle of summer, really too busy, and prefer other less popular corners of Ardèche