12 really funny place names worldwide


12 funny place names worldwide

1. Dikshit

In the English-speaking world, the place name Dikshit is the laughing stock: But it is by no means a combination of “Dick” (coll. For penis) and “Shit”. Dikshit, located in the West Indies, goes back to a name that is well respected and common on the exotic subcontinent. Sheila Dikshit, for example, is an Indian politician who until recently held the high office of Chief Minister of Delhi.

2. My feces

The explanation for the name of this place in Lower Saxony is very simple: Meinkot goes back to the original name Meynekate, ie “Meine Kate”. Kate is an old German word for hut. This, as the TV show “Galileo” explains, first became “Meinekotte” and finally Meinkot. According to Wikipedia When it was first mentioned in 1145, the place was still called Meincoten. Be that as it may, a few years ago the toilet paper manufacturer “Bess” became aware of the place name and used it in a commercial. The residents and especially the mayor did not find that amusing: The manufacturer had to apologize and gave the Meinkoter associations a year-long supply of toilet paper.

Meinkot’s entrance signPhoto: dpa Picture Alliance

3. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

This Welsh place name wasn’t just being played by someone randomly typing on a keyboard. The 58-letter name – allegedly the longest place name in Europe – translates as “Planet Wissen”: “Marienkirche in the hollow of the white hazel, near a swift vortex and the church of St. Tysilio by the red cave”. Can the residents say the name of their homeland themselves? In the abbreviation they call them Llanfair or Llanfairpwllgwyngyll for the sake of simplicity. But how do you come up with the idea of ​​giving a place such a name? In the book “An insider’s guide to 201 of the world’s weirdest and wildest places” by Quentin Parker, it is said that the idea originated in 1860 when the station was to be given the longest place name in Great Britain for advertising purposes.

One of the longest and funniest place names in the world requires an appropriate signPhoto: Getty Images

4. Westward Ho!

The seaside resort on the north coast of County Devon in south-west England actually has an exclamation mark in its name. He goes back to a novel by Charles Kingsley from 1855, which is set in nearby Bideford. The book tells of the adventures of Amyas Leigh, who set off for the Caribbean with the famous seafarer Francis Drake, among others.

The Westward Ho!

The Westward Ho! Photo: Getty Images

5. Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

But there is even better: Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! is according to information on the website the Canadian community in the province of Québec, the only place name in the world that contains two exclamation marks. According to legend, when they saw Lake Témiscouata, French fur hunters exclaimed: “Ah! Ah! Here is the lake. ”According to another version, the“ Ha! Ha! ”In the language of the indigenous people living there denote something surprising, as the website of the place goes on to say. The exclamation marks emerged from colloquial language throughout history, but are now officially used.

6. Y

Y is a commune in north-eastern France, in the Picardie region in the Somme department. What do the residents call themselves – Yer, Ygassen or Ys? Not correct! According to the French portal “habitants.fr“They call themselves Ypsilonia. The name of the village is based on the course of the local roads that form a Y.

Plain and simple: YPhoto: Getty Images

7. Batman

The Turkish province and city of Batman is named after the river of the same name, so it can neither be traced back to the English word for bat nor to the famous comic book hero – and not the other way around. The mayor Hüseyin Kalkan, who was in office in 2009, does not seem to have known this and caused a sensation with a planned lawsuit. Again “Guardian“Reported, he accused director and producer Christopher Nolan of illegally using the city’s name for his film project” The Dark Knight “.

8. Ee

Ee has been found in the Dutch province of Friesland for more than 1100 years. The question is why the small village on the Wadden Sea has been content with only two vowels for so long. The Ee website reveals that the Spartan name is derived from the Latin “aqua” (water) – a street by the harbor bears the same name. Fittingly, the village with the shortest place name in the Netherlands signed a twinning agreement with Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch in Wales and Y in France.

9. Boring

The Rhineland-Palatinate municipality of Langweiler is the self-proclaimed “Pearl of the High Forest” in the Hunsrück and wore according to “langweiler.eu“Quite a few names. Mentioned in a document in 1037 as H Farewell, it appears in the files for the first time in 1279 with the name “Langwillre”. However, Langweiler does not live up to its name: beautiful hiking trails such as the 218-kilometer Saar-Hunsrück-Steig run along the village – past idyllic streams and mysterious moss landscapes.

10. Å

The place with the humble name is located in the Norwegian Lofoten, in the east of the island of Moskenesøy. And in Å, too, the place-name sign with a vowel is a popular photo opportunity – the most popular among a total of three copies. Because according to “reuber-norwegen.de“There are two other places in Norway that call themselves that. The village is home to about 100 residents, consists of a total of 23 buildings and is mainly a fishing village museum. Museum-goers who are also interested in fish will get their money’s worth at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum and the Stockfish Museum in Å. And Europastraße 10 offers material for a great road movie, it leads over ten bridges and through twelve tunnels. Anyone who starts at the Baltic Sea in Luleå and arrives in Å has traveled 880 kilometers.

Place name sign for Å in Lofoten

Place name sign for Å in LofotenPhoto: dpa Picture Alliance

11. Dildo

The place in the Canadian province of Newfoundland is proud of its somewhat unusual name – according to “DailyMail“In the 1980s a petition to change the place name was rejected by the population. The name probably goes back to a wooden stake that was used to lock the oars of the traditional fishing boats of the time. The residents of the 1,500-strong city today organize an annual festival, the “Dildo Days”, and even have a mascot for it called Captain Dildo.

Funny place names

The fishing port of the town of DildoPhoto: Getty Images

12. Fucking, now fugging

At some point they had fed up with the small town in Upper Austria. About the nocturnal sign theft and British bus tourists who only traveled to the tiny hamlet to pose for a few photos in front of the town sign. “Fucking” was written there. The name may have been in evidence since 1070 and go back to the nobleman Adalpert von Vucckingen – it doesn’t matter. By resolution of the municipal council on November 17, 2020, Fucking was quickly renamed Fugging on January 1, 2021. But it can still happen that strangers get lost in the village, not looking for Fucking, but for the other Fugging. This is in Lower Austria, in the St. Pölten-Land district, around 250 kilometers to the east.

Location of Fucking in Austria will be renamed

No more jokes! Austrian fucking became fuggingPhoto: Getty Images