100% of hotels in Mexico do not open until 2021

100% of hotels in Mexico do not open until 2021

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The National Association of Hotel Chains (W) has pointed out, that will be up until January of 2021 when they are already open for the entirety of their establishments. The association has 29 hotel chains that add up to 712 establishments and a total of 155 thousand quarters in Mexico.

The president of the ANCH, Luis Barrios, has said during a video conference Expo Wholesalers, the largest number of hotels, 90 percent, have returned to operate between June and July, published by Millennium. Among the hotel chains that are found in the W are Hotels City, Grupo Posadas, Group President, and Hotels Mission, among others.

For its part, the mexican Caribbean will not be operational all the hotels until the next month of November, according to the president of the Association of Hotels of the Riviera Maya (AHRM), Conrad Bergwerf, as published REPORTUR.mx (Up to November will not be open all the hotels of the mexican Caribbean).

Also, it has been argued that the general occupancy that is expected for 2020 will be a maximum of 30%. A fact that hits particularly the mexican Caribbean, as tourism is their first industry that employs the majority of its population. “We are faced with a stone in the chest,” said Bergwerf.