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Autumn is already coming its way, with its blazing trees and leaves dancing in the wind. To take advantage of sunny autumn days, find out below a beautiful nature getaway with the family for a weekend close to the capital at Villages Nature® Paris.

Located in the department of Seine-et-Marne (77), in the south-east of Paris, this Center Parcs (to be discovered here) is a haven of peace, in the countryside less than 30 km from the capital. It can be the perfect place to imbue your children with the benefits of nature, for a weekend, before the winter frost.

1 – Discover the secret of plants and gardening

Villages Nature® has beautiful gardens and vegetable gardens. This vegetable garden is the ideal place to teach children to do grow the vegetables, put your hands in the earth, and find out how the different foods they have on their plate grow every day. A good way to reconcile children with vegetables because taking care of them can help to understand them differently.

And find out more on aromatic plants, a workshop “Discovering gardens” is organized by a vegetable garden expert.

2 – Carve pumpkins to prepare for Halloween

After learning about how pumpkins grow, your children can participate in the pumpkin carving workshop available during All Saints holidays. You can then bring it back to your cottage to decorate it for Halloween.

Parents and children will learn patience while carving their pumpkin. A gesture that seems simple, but that requires a certain dexterity ! But, what joy then to see this pumpkin glow in the dark, thanks to the small candle, placed in the center!

An activity that allows children to make crafts just by using what nature gives us for simple joy!

3 – Animals from the BelleVie farm at Villages Nature® – Nature activities near Paris

VSMeet the animals, to be able to caress, apprehend them… Being around animals for the first time is quite an adventure. This is a great activity for kids to socialize and gain self-confidence. If you are with toddlers, enjoy a walk through the various enclosures.

The older ones, for their part, will be able to take care of the animals with an animator: feeding cows, collecting eggs, simple care.And for the early risers, go in the company of a trainer to discover the backstage of the ferme, animal care, food distribution (paid activity, but free companion for children up to 15 years old)

This is enough to give our little townspeople a taste of good local products!

4 – Making a cabin

Who has never dreamed of make huts ! I admit that it was one of my favorite activities as a kid, and I am lucky to live in a small hamlet where my children create many cabins with their friends. But, when you live in Paris, it’s not easy to practice this activity of pure happiness! Fortunately, the Villages Nature® Paris teams have planned everything to make your life easier. Your loulous will learn to fend for themselves, to find solutions to hold the wooden branches together, to tie them, to cut them etc.

At the end, they can also decorate them so that their cabin is unique.

Everything takes place in the universe of the Forest of Legends for a mystical atmosphere.

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5 – Discover the legends of the forest

In this fabulous forest at the gates of Paris, malicious little beings live hidden from our eyes ! But the fabulous storytellers places will allow you to see the life of this legendary forest come to life! The show will appeal to young and old alike!

After this great show, the little ones will be able to let off steam on small courses built in the forest: small bridges, hanging nests, hiding place! In short, a great way to assimilate the spectacle and the legends of the forest.

6 – Discoveries of extraordinary gardens

A small garden where the hand of man has magnified nature with superb amenities. Discover theare four elements water, earth, air and fire and learn fun with the family in this dream environment.

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7 – Adventure course

Of course, for the less contemplative of us, a good physical activity is another way to immerse yourself in nature. the Adventure course is a perfect activity to feel the immensity of the trees ! Children are very happy with the activity, putting them in situations where we discover new physical sensations, but also emotions different from everyday life: stress, a little fear, pride in surpassing oneself …

At Center Parcs, several levels are provided for the little ones as well as for teenagers and adults looking for thrills. Good times to share with the family!

8 – Enjoy the joys of the beach

A beach is accessible to the delight of children on the organic lake. Parents will enjoy a moment of relaxation. Deckchairs await you there for an end-of-season tanning session!

9 – Nautical activities: stand-up paddle or pedal boat

In addition to the superb lagoon fitted out for swimming, Villages Nature® Paris offers a superb lake with ecological filtration, to enjoy the joys of sports and aquatic activities!

For the more athletic, the paddle option will allow you to go solo to admire the lake in slow mode.

For families, the pedal boat is ideal to have a good time by making the children pedal (who will undoubtedly give up after 10 min!).

the boat electric allows you to walk on the water faster, without it being a race either ! And there, have no fear, the children will not want to let go of the wheel!

10 – Discover the natural corners of Seine-et-Marne

The Villages Nature® Paris center is itself surrounded by countryside, making it possible to also discover the surroundings. In less than an hour’s drive, you will be able to:

  • take a walk in the beautiful Fontainebleau Forest
  • discover the Gatinais Regional Natural Park
  • Walk along the edge of the Marne and admire its boats, its trees leaning over the water

Find out more about the Villages Nature® Paris Center Parc

This park has just received numerous awards for its involvement and actions in favor of the environment. Located 32 km from Paris, this is an area where you can rent, for a weekend or a week, any type of accommodation: private cottage away from the center with a full nature view or apartment with lake view.

The center therefore offers you multiple activities, some paying, others free included in your reservation. I only told you about outdoor activities, but don’t worry, in case of cooler weather, many interior spaces welcome families with many games.

In most Center Parcs, the weekend is spent without a car! In fact, you will go from one activity to another by bike, cart or walking. Several restaurants can be found on site if parents don’t want to spend their time cooking.

>> To book your stay at Center Parcs it’s here

How to get to Villages Nature® Paris?

  • By car : take the A4 motorway towards Reims, if you are coming from Paris, and towards Paris if you are coming from the south! Follow the signs to Center Parcs to get there.
  • By RER: as previously indicated, the Villages Nature® are not far from Paris; the RER A then a connection with bus 47 allow you to get there by public transport.
  • By train : by TGV exit at Marne La Vallée – Chessy station. In 15 min you will reach the center by taxi or bus (the 47)

Hoping that your desire for nature can be satisfied at Villages Nature® and that your stay will allow you to take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy nature activities.

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