10 fine sandy beaches in Haugaland

10 fine sandy beaches in Haugaland, Norway


In Haugaland we find Caribbean states, with white, fine-grained sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea. The Blue Flag-certified Åkrasanden is naturally at the forefront, as one of the country’s finest sandy beaches!

With the Karmøy beaches close by, my childhood and adolescence was characterized by silky sandy beaches and the blue sea, surrounded by straw and tall grass that swayed with the wind. With the North Sea just outside, it was not always the temperatures that were comfortable. But refreshing it was! And it still is.

Today, the Karmøy beaches are also a popular place to go for suping, kiting and surfing. Are you leaving Innova In the fjords, we find nice bays, lawns and beaches. Some with bathing raft, others with diving boards.



Åkrasanden has a fine-grained sandy beach, is Blue Flag certified, and is located just off a nature and cultural trail that goes past historical tracks and remains after boat trips dating back to 160 AD. I’ve been through a lot over the years! A nice place to go, too, all year round.

Location: Åkra, Karmøy

Good to know: Åkrasanden has a toilet and is wheelchair accessible in the summer season


This beach is located between Åkrasanden and Sandve and is a good alternative. Here, too, we find fine-grained sand and fine bathing conditions. This is also one of the beaches I remember best from childhood.

Location: Ferkingstad, Karmøy

Good to know: The beach is close to a shop and Fisherman’s memorial is a short walk away.


Notaflot has a bathing beach with a fine sandy bottom, a bathing ramp for wheelchair users and a bathing raft. Grass plain close by invites to a picnic, with tables, benches and barbecue area. The beach is close to the locks, a grocery and a gas station.

Location: Skjoldastraumen, Tysvær

Good to know: The beach has WC and volleyball area


Sand Sand

The sandy sand is probably my favorite beach, as it is so hidden and beautiful in the surrounding nature. The beach is located at Sandve just north of Skundeneshavn, and here it is especially popular for surfers and kiters to make the trip. The beach faces west, and the bathing conditions are good, without particularly strong currents.

Location: Sandve, Karmøy

Good to know: Just a short walk south of Sandvesanden lies Mjølhussanden

Kvalsvik bath

Kvalsvik bath I remember well from childhood bicycle trips with my mother and little sister. We went here for a dip on hot summer days, but I remember I was a little scared of the crabs right here. This is still a nice swimming area with table, barbecue area and WC. There are also floating jetties in the sea.

Location: Kvalsvik, Haugesund

Good to know: The swimming area is close to sights such as Krosshaugen, Haraldsstøtta and the horses in Kvalsvik.

Eivind water

In the hiking area Djupadalen we find the Eivindvannet with nice swimming opportunities. A good alternative to saltwater beaches. This popular bathing area has both rocky mountain, sandy beach and floating jetty. I have many nice memories from here too!

Location: The deep valley in Haugesund

Good to know: There is WC nearby

Aksnes beach

This beach is south facing the Fjord Fjord and is a popular local beach for much of Haugaland. Here I went and often visited with friends as a teenager.

Location: Skre, Karmøy Municipality

Good to know: The beach is approx. 10 -15 minutes drive from Haugesund city center



Sandholmen is a short walk from Syre’s marina and is a small beach with sand, grassy areas and shallow water. This is a new acquaintance for me, and is a warm and idyllic place. I would love to go back here!

Location: Acid, Skudeneshavn

Good to know: It is nice to paddle in to Skudeneshavn from here, if you come with your own kayak. There are also sandy beaches scattered around the bay in the area.

Beach by Acid

Nice swimming spot

Lie swimming area is a popular seaside resort with sandy beach, lawn area and jetty with jetty and ladder. There is also a table, barbecue area, sand volleyball court and outdoor table. We would like to go here with the whole family, if there was fog out to the coast. For, as mound landings like to know, there may occasionally be more clouds and fog out towards the coast.

Location: Vindafjord, Ølen

Good to know: Parking at Ersland prayer house. The last part of the hill down to the beach area is a little steep.

lake Skeisvatnet

Haraldsvangen is a hiking area in Haugesund, with hiking trails, varied vegetation, as well as a swimming area with a diving tower. Here we sometimes went and bathed in the gym when I went to secondary school close by. New of the year is that the Haraldsvangen Café and Restaurant has been revitalized with a new outdoor café – just off the bathing area and the diving tower. This will probably be popular this summer!

Location: Haugesund

Good to know: The park also has a play area and is a popular spot for families with children

Sand Sand

Idyll on Sandvesanden, Karmøy