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What to see in Prague

If you suddenly decide to arrange a weekend trip to Prague and go there on your own, then we will help you and give you a guide to the sights of Prague, which are worth a visit.
Of course, we think that Prague should be visited more than once and certainly not for one day, but if you have a visa and a free weekend, our post will tell you where to go in Prague. Go!

Prague Old Town Square

The heart of tourist Prague. Visit the local town hall, and also plan an evening walk, in the evening all buildings are beautifully highlighted and therefore you can make a couple of good photos. Well, just enjoy the beautiful view. There are a lot of cafes where you can drink coffee, enjoying the tranquility of the European capital. Here you can see the oldest operating astronomical clock (Prague Chimes) in the world. But we remember that we are limited in time and sluggishness can absorb us, so we move on.
You may not notice how all the cash flowed out of your pocket somewhere, although you just came to the city of romance and love, prepare for it.

Charles Bridge

An attraction, about which you have already heard. This item must be visited, there will be many local artists and souvenir dealers on the bridge. Just imagine, the bridge was built in the 14th century. And according to the legend, to make it strong, in the solution, during the construction, chicken eggs were added, which were collected from all over the country.

Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague

Having visited historical places, you will already be tuned to the medieval style and therefore you will just fine visit this museum. In it you will learn about the difficult fate of the alchemists of that time, see for yourself their tools, plunge into the secret world of magic. At the museum there is even a small restaurant where you can try some elixirs!
Address Museum: Jánský vršek 312/8

Wall of John Lennon

A kind of monument to freedom and love, erected by the progressive youth of the Czech Republic after the death of their idol. Here it is necessary to check-in and take a picture for your Instagram.

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