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Warsaw sightseeings

Warsaw is a wonderful city for a cultural, measured and relaxing holiday. There is something to see at any time of the year. The main attraction of the Polish capital is located on the Castle Square – the Royal Palace with fascinating museum expositions that will plunge you into the life of the Polish nobility.

The heart of the city, Stare Miasto – a great place for hiking. Upon reaching its end, you will see the picturesque avenue Krakowskie Przedmieście, which houses the Chapsky and Tyszkiewicz palaces, monuments to outstanding personalities of the country and the Academy of Fine Arts.

Royal Palace

Today this beautiful castle is a monument of national culture. Here there is a permanent exposition, there are exhibitions, symposia, concerts.

Krakowskie Przedmieście

It is located on Zamkova Square. The palace is the reconstruction of the ensemble. In World War II, it was completely destroyed. This avenue captivates tourists with its beauty and variety of attractions. Here you can find: Staszic Palace, Potocki Palace, Presidential Palace, Churches of the patronage of St. Jozef and St. Anna, University of Warsaw, Monument to Adam Mickiewicz. There is no large car traffic. Only taxis and buses go, which makes the walk even more pleasant and convenient.
Krakowskie Przedmieście is part of the Royal Route, linking the Old Town with the modernist center of Warsaw. Be sure to enjoy this place!

Market Square

This is an ancient and picturesque street of the capital. In ancient times it was the center of trade, then it was destroyed, and after reconstruction again regained its status. On weekends and holidays on the square, there are fairs and various entertainments. This place is worth a visit, to imbue with the magical atmosphere of the capital and to better understand its history.

Wilanów Palace

It is located in the south of Warsaw, and built in the park by Augustine Lozzi in 1968 for the famous King Jan Sobieski.
This is a true masterpiece of baroque. The palace is surrounded by a garden of 45 hectares. Every tourist can admire his picturesque architecture, views of the palace and take a walk along the Wilanów Lake in a boat.

Royal Lazienki

Here is a unique Palace on the water, inside of which there is a collection of paintings, around – a real zoo. Here you will enjoy not only a peaceful atmosphere, but also you can admire the Park of Fountains, relax on the steps of a beautiful ancient amphitheater, walk along the alleys of the gardens of the XVIII-XX centuries.

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