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Vatican city most beautiful views

Italy is famous not only for its fashion, culinary traditions and glorious history. The reason to emphasize the uniqueness of this country is the fact that on the territory of its capital – Rome – an independent state has settled, which has become more than a billion Catholics a symbol of the Christian faith. It is called the Vatican, and its population is only eight hundred people, and the area is 0.44 square km. So, the answer to most popular question – “Is Vatican city a country?” – Yes, it is. And “Where is the Vatican?” – it’s in Rome!

This is the only state in Europe where the absolute monarchy was preserved – the reforms of the Catholic Church did not affect the management system in any way. In accordance with it, all the inhabitants of the Vatican swear allegiance to the Pope, they will hardly be eight years old. The official language is “dead” for the rest of the world Latin, but French is used for diplomatic contacts.

Vatican museum:

Despite all the apparent decorativeness of the availability of state institutions, the Vatican is a full-fledged state. It has its own “cabinet of ministers” – the Roman Curia, which includes commissions for managing the economic, political and spiritual life of a miniature state. All members of commissions have the rank of cardinal and bear full responsibility for the results of their activities. There is even its own currency – the Vatican Euro, whose output is limited to Italian legislation by one million a year.

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Despite its small size, the Vatican conducts an active economic activity both in Italy and abroad. Only on the Apennine peninsula, he owns about 500 thousand hectares. cultivated on permanent basis, of which 5 – in the region of the Italian capital. The Vatican is the owner of large real estate in Europe and South America, and its economic consultants maintain regular contacts with the largest manufacturing companies and monopolies. Do not forget about the donations of believers – their annual volume approaches 100 million euros.

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