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Samborondon – modest charm of Ecuador

Samborondón know is to know about the history of a people of working men and women, friendly and willing to overcome: a thriving canton, thanks to the tireless work of their children, is now one of the main districts of the Province of Guayas. Samborondón tradition, heroism and history, as it was considered a strategic place not only in the independence of Guayaquil but throughout the Republic of Ecuador.

Teatro Sánchez Aguilar

The Teatro Sanchez Aguilar, pertaining to the foundation of the same name, opened on May 17, 2014, was created with the aim of contributing to the cultural development of the city in all artistic expressions and in response to the expansion in recent years the Samborondón route. The theater is run by the Sanchez Aguilar Foundation, created in 1989 with the “Motto to educate is to Liberate” and as initial purpose was to contribute to education, by which among other things gave scholarships to poor students. In 2010 he decided to enter the cultural development, building since November of that year, this theater, whose land had been acquired with friends and partners, over 40 years ago.

Malecón de Samborondón

Malecón de Samborondón is the best place to clear the mind and appreciate the wonder of nature. The scene in the middle of two roosters fight has been reflected in a monument, which is located on the boardwalk in Samborondón. The ornate and colorful work of about eight meters high was completed at the end of last December and shown as a new tourist attraction. Cockfights are part of the tradition of samborondeñas families. The battles are regularly conducted on Saturdays and Sundays, every two weeks. Fans often place bets.

Parque Historico Guayaquil

Guayaquil Historical Park is an environmental, educational, recreational and tourist cultural program that takes us back in time to the customs and traditions of the ancient province of Guayaquil, founded in 1,763 comprising almost all of the coastal region of Ecuador. It is a style of living museum that recreates the cultural processes of the region, from the “province of cacao” in an environment that carries a message that motivates us to care about us.


In Samborondón we know as elegant “real white heron” or “Queen of the rice fields” by the harmonious, rhythmic, fine and delicate flight runs. The white heron is very sociable, has been chosen as “Ave Symbol” Samborondón, identified with the conservation of the environment and live in harmony with the planet.

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Rent in the “Beverly Hills” of Ecuador For $400 a Month

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