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Nieuw Amsterdam – Fort in Suriname

Fort Nieuw Amsterdam was built between 1734 and 1747, after the French under Cassard not Fort Zeelandia and the city of Paramaribo in 1712 attacked, but the undefended plantations. The Chartered Society of Suriname thought to protect the plantations and the city by building a fort on the strategic point where the Suriname and Commewijne rivers flow together, near the ocean. The main plantations of the colony were situated at upstream of this point these two rivers.

nieuw amsterdam

Early 2008, a foundation was established with the aim to realize the development of an open-air museum Fort Nieuw Amsterdam. In cooperation including the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen and the municipality of Amsterdam is working hard since 2008 to restore the fort. In an article in the Real Time in the summer of 2010 Evert Middelbeek spoke to July 1 this year Director of the Open Air Museum, the expectation that would be more than 70,000 visitors take the fort in 2010, more than double compared to 2009. Eighty percent it comes from Suriname itself. Many schoolchildren visit the fort and are so acquainted with the Surinamese history. Not only schoolchildren way.

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In the beautiful scenery of the Open Air Museum Fort Nieuw Amsterdam are many unusual trees, plants and admire fruits. Many of the trees are host to all kinds of bromeliads, epiphytes and wild orchids. The trees, plants, fruits and rivers attract insects and animals. There are regularly seen parrots and many other birds. And iguanas, alligators, wood spiders, chameleons and so on, to discover with a little luck.


During your walk on the rampart of Fort Nieuw Amsterdam are two impressive rivers; Suriname River on your left and to your right the Commewijnerivier. You pass the place where two rivers flow together towards the Atlantic. This offers an impressive sight when the tide. Regular show themselves dolphins. This is dependent on the tide and the fish. At this viewpoint, there is a statue; ‘Discoverer’, made in 1958 by Erwin de Vries, on behalf of the then government. The statue depicts the putative discoverer of Suriname, Alonso de Ojeda.

Paramaribo Suriname

On your walk back to the starting point you will pass some authentic wooden (officers’) houses and the so-called Commander’s house. This is one of the oldest monuments built from Suriname. It was built in 1750 as the home of the commander of Fort Nieuw Amsterdam. It is a typical colonial style in time to the 18th century.

Aerial view on Nieuw Amsterdam

Commewijne river cruise - Suriname

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