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Isla Cozumel – travel to tranquil peace of Caribbean

Mexico’s largest Caribbean island is located off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula on the eastern side of Mexico, 41 miles (71 km) south of Cancun. The island is 26 miles (41 km) long from north to south and 9 miles (14 km) wide. With a population of a little over 75,000, Cozumel now welcomes more than 2,500,000 visitors every year and is considered one of the most important diving and snorkeling destinations in Mexico. Most tourists come to see the reefs on the calm west side, however there are pristine beaches and big surf on the east side.

The Royal Castle

Down the same intimidating road that leads to Punta Molas, are the large Mayan ruins known as El Castillo Real (The Royal Castle). The archaeological site, as well as the Aguada Grande ruins a few kilometers’ hike away, are both quite far gone, their significance having blown off into the breeze some time ago. Other ruins of interest include the temple at San Gervasio, which was erected by the Maya as a tribute to Ixchel, the moon goddess of fertility. Female pilgrims came here from all over the region to pay tribute. San Gervasio sits between San Miguel and the east coast, northeast of the Carretera Transversal.


El Cielo Cozumel, known as “Heaven”, is one of Cozumel’s best kept secrets. Cozumel Cielo is only accessible by boat and is about a mile from Cozumel’s Shoreline. El cielo is shallow crystal clear water as far as the eye can see, which makes it perfect to relax. Cozumel Cielo is covered with soft powdered white sand that massage your feet as you step. There are lots of starfish located in El cielo and stingrays may be seen from yards away when traveling there by boat.

The Grand Park Royal Cozumel

The Grand Park Royal Cozumel is an oasis in the Caribbean sun and the island’s leading All Inclusive. With world-class accommodations, unending comfort and everything within reach, Park Royal sets the bar high. A thoughtful and secluded beach club is reachable through a private underpass from the main garden, and vacations thrive in the two whirlpools, two infinity pools and two partying deck lounges. With onsite fine dining and nightly entertainment, an inspired kids’ club, a fitness center, spa and every sport imaginable just off the deck, there’s nothing to stop your imagination from sailing.

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