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How to avoid lost baggage and how to handle it

Losing luggage happens to people consistently, but you never want to be that person standing at the carousel waiting, waiting, and waiting for your baggage that is not going to show up because it is lost somewhere.

One of the best ways for you to not lose your luggage is if you carry it on with you silly! This of course is starting to get more difficult with airlines charging carry on fees for baggage. They must have caught on that people didn’t want to pay to check a bag anymore so many people started packing less and carrying on, darn airlines!

  • Label your Luggage, multiple times.

Don’t just stick one little dinky tag on your luggage, shrug your shoulders, and assume that tag is going to be enough. Make sure you have the dinky tag and grab one from the desk that is elastic, fill it out and put that on your bag as well. Make sure you keep all the very most important documents like passport, booking documents, and money on your carry on.

  • Label your luggage not just on outside, but in the inside of the trunk too.

Get some duct tape and put your name, telephone number, and copy of your flight and trip itinerary on the inside of your bag. Perhaps the person who finds your bag might have a heart and try to unite you and your bag together again.
Have enough space in your carry on to have one full clothes change just in case your luggage did get lost
How many times have you seen a huge stream of black suitcases coming down the carousel and wondered which one was your bag?  Get a ribbon or bright colored piece of band and wrap it around the strap or a part of the bag. This is going to make identifying your bag so much easier. Tear off the old tags on your luggage from any other airlines.

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  • Lock up your bags.

If your luggage is locked chances are someone is going to move on to another bag that is not locked to steal from. The harder the bag is to get into the less likely the bag will get broken into. Make sure your luggage lock is TSA approved.

  • Handle Lost Luggage

If your luggage does not arrive with your flight look for the luggage office or window and report it to these people immediately. Don’t panic right away – your bag might just be delayed from another flight. Give the officeman at the luggage window the stubs you got when you put the airline luggage tag on your bag at the departing airport.

The clerk will track your luggage from your stubs, and will find out where your baggage is. You’re going to need to complete a claim form with your important personal information and a description of your bag. Make sure you give them a way to contact you.

  • What is your luggage is gone?

The airline is required to replace your luggage with similar comparable luggage and reimburse you for the items that were lost. You aren’t going to get exactly what you want or enough money to replace all the items.

Chin up!

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