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Havana – magnificent capital of Cuba

So, Cuba is about to change due to ending of embargo, that’s why you sure should visit it before capitalism change its face forever.

Before booking a trip to la Habana it is useful to know few tips:

  1. Cuba has got a dual currency system – it consists of Cuban peso (CUP) and the Cuban convertible peso (CUC). So be sure to look up the exchange rate before going to CADECA (exchange office), and remember that most deal goes with CUC, but you can buy some street food, fruits or pay in some restaurants in CUP too, saving a lot of money. You can change cash in airport (go to departures hall, there are not much lines).
  2. Take care of bringing your own personal care stuff like soap, shampoo, tampons or whatever you need, even toilet paper. It is not easy to find these things there and it’s not gonna be much of the high quality.
  3. Wi-fi – you can find one only in some hotels.
  4. Spanish will very help you in communication with locals.

Places to see in Havana

  • Old Havana. Being in the capital you should never miss this place, because this is where you can feel real Cuban vibes – on the old streets of the Havana.
  • The Malecon – beautiful boardwalk beside the ocean, you will enjoy just strolling the beach and watching waves and sun, so peaceful.
  • The Vedado – it is a district of Havana where rich people live and nice hotel are situated. Some kind of “New” Havana. It has the street called La Rampa where you can find fine bars, restaurants and look at modern and pleasant view of the city.
  • Chinatown – yup, there is such thing in Cuba! You can find it not far away from seaport, heading west from Plaza Vieja.

old havana

Food and souvenirs

Remember, that Havana Club rum and cocktails are very cheap here, so go ahead and make summer go on))

Local pizza is tasty and Cuban ice cream called Bocadito de Helado is something you should definitely try.
Guarapo – refreshing sweet juice, tastes nice in hot Cuban weather.

Cigars, of course. Visit Real Fábrica de Tabacos Partagás and buy some real stuff. Even if do not smoke, just smell this amazing badass smell.

There is no problem to find a decent hotel depending on your budget, you can also stay at locals (in so called casa particular).

Remember that there are not beaches in the city, so if you want to get some refresh, then use a hotel pool or go to Playa del Este (the buses go off there near some big hotels).

malecon havana

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