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Ecuador Playas – best beaches in the country

Playa Los Frailes (Manabi) – one of the most idyllic beaches of Ecuador, hidden in the Machalilla National Park landscape with calm waters and white sands, surrounded by extraordinary natural landscapes, where forests, cliffs and other rock formations intermingle. Another attraction are its hidden paths of access, shorter one with a walk that requires no more than 30 minutes, and a second longer than about 2 hours. The latter is the most famous, through a dry tropical forest, with trees of strange shapes, to viewpoints that allow panoramic views of the park and other beaches.

Playa Los Frailes Manabi

Salinas – city considered one of the most important spas of Ecuador, with always crowded beaches stretching along 15 kilometers, some Beach Chipipe with gentle waves for swimming and others like Playa de San Lorenzo, with big waves, ideal for surfing. Also noteworthy is Playa Chocolatera, with gray sand, considered the best beach in the area for water sports.


Montañita – one of the most famous beaches of Ecuador, a spa surrounded by hills and greenery at the foot of the sea, with golden sands and huge waves, known as one of the most important surfers destinations in South America. Another attraction is its vibrant nightlife, dozens of bars concentrated on the main street with lively parties that do not die before dawn. Also they are characteristic of the town buildings in rustic style with hemp and straw, where inns, casual restaurants, craft fairs and surf shops where reggae music is a constant with pins with peace symbols are mixed.


Galapagos Province – dream islands known for its biodiversity, a place where the most beautiful beaches of Ecuador are located, with white sands and warm waters immersed amongst stunning natural landscapes. While each island of the Galapagos hides idyllic beaches, you can not mention: Turtle Bay in Isla Santa Cruz, whose white sands arrive hundreds of sea turtles to lay their eggs, the beaches of Isabela Island, where sea lions and iguanas rest in the sea and the red sands of the beaches of Isla Rabida, where you can snorkel among sea lions, stingrays and dolphins.

Los Frailes e Isla Salango

~ A Taste of Ecuador: Salinas ~

Montañita Ecuador


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