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Cayo Coco – Cuban exotic resort

The main tourist destination of Cuba is, of course, Varadero. This resort receives every year more and more tourists. Its main competitor – Cayo Coco progressing too. He is less known. And, then, there is a reason to pay attention to it!

Cayo Coco is located on the north-east part of Cuban island. Until recently, it was considered as island. However, it lost his status after building a dam with the length of almost 30 kilometers.
By the way, the road to this Cuban resort is running through fourteen (!) bridges.

cayo coco map

What is the beauty of Cayo Coco?

The main advantage of the resort Cayo Coco is, paradoxically, its remoteness from “civilization”. It is located in a conservation area, on the territory of one of the most beautiful national parks.

The entire inner part of the island of Cayo Coco – is, without exaggeration, wildlife. Here you can easily meet flamingos, pelicans, flamingos and the most exotic bird Coco, that this picturesque island was named after.

cayo coco_flamingo

Touristic areas located in the northern and western parts of Cayo Coco. Here, in particular, are almost all the beaches worthy of the attention of tourists. The most colorful of them – Los Flamencos, Playa Larga and Las Coloradas. You can relax there “in the harmony with nature”: the concentration of people is not very high, and Cayo Coco beaches and the sea are just adorable! In addition, there are excellent conditions for diving and various sea extreme activity.

Where to stay in Cayo Coco

On the island of Cayo Coco luxury hotels are mostly situated. Many of them are running by the world famous net of hotels «Sol Melia».

cayo coco melia
Almost all hotels in Cayo Coco switched on the system “all inclusive”. Kitchen restaurants there are splendid as a selection of drinks. Among the others, a favorite tourist preference is, of course, the burning Cuban rum.

Havana, as well as other major cities are quite far away from the Cayo Coco, so tours offered to tourists at this resort is not historically informative but exclusively marine, or what is called – with the natural “shade.”
The most popular Cayo Coco excursions are extreme one on a speed boat through the pristine jungle in the island. Also popular are various boat trips to swim in the open sea and disco on board.

cayococo hotels

If you looking for exotic and at the same time respectable holiday. then resort of Cayo Coco – for you. Here you will find everything what you could dream of!

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