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Vatican city most beautiful views

Italy is famous not only for its fashion, culinary traditions and glorious history. The reason to emphasize the uniqueness of this country is the fact that on the territory of its capital – Rome – an independent state has settled, which has become more than a billion Catholics a symbol of the Christian faith. It is called the Vatican, and its population is only eight hundred people, and the area is 0.44 square km. So, the answer to most popular question – “Is Vatican...Read More »

Warsaw sightseeings

Warsaw is a wonderful city for a cultural, measured and relaxing holiday. There is something to see at any time of the year. The main attraction of the Polish capital is located on the Castle Square – the Royal Palace with fascinating museum expositions that will plunge you into the life of the Polish nobility. The heart of the city, Stare Miasto – a great place for hiking. Upon reaching its end, you will see the picturesque avenue Krakowskie Przedmieście, which houses the Chapsky...Read More »

What to see in Prague

If you suddenly decide to arrange a weekend trip to Prague and go there on your own, then we will help you and give you a guide to the sights of Prague, which are worth a visit. Of course, we think that Prague should be visited more than once and certainly not for one day, but if you have a visa and a free weekend, our post will tell you where to go in Prague. Go! ...Read More »

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