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Best Travel Sites to Use

If you’re planning on booking a trip soon when you hop on Google you suddenly feel shocked and don’t know where to start, we are here to help! =) Often more than not people feel overwhelmed and stop looking for a good deal as there are just too many sites to be looking at for these deals. I want to help ease your trouble and give you some of the best travel websites that have great deals.

  1. this site will send you to the site where you can buy the travel deal for the best price they find. Remember try to be flexible with your travel dates and times, if you capable of being flexible you’re likely to get a better deal. They also have a neat feature called the “buzz tool” you can search for trips that will be leaving within a 6 week time span coming up and if want to go away but aren’t entirely sure as to where you would like to go the buzz tool will let you search a region.
  2. This travel website has been around for 15 years and for good reason aside from their catchy commercials and advertisements, they are good at doing what they do in booking travel. If you have an iPhone then you can also download the app. Expedia also has partnerships with some other sites you may already know like tripadvisor, hotwire, and pronto. The best part of this site helping you plan a trip is the service is free unlike going to a travel agency to book your trips.
  3. Another great free site for booking your travels on. One of the neat things about orbitz is that you can take the flexible date program to a whole different level. Yes, I said whole different level. They have an option where you can “name your price” and they will also send you updates with the price assurance with price protection. They don’t just send you updates for travel dates and prices coming up. Orbitz really takes customer service to a level that I am not sure any other online travel sites really take.
  4. This travel site takes bundling your trip together to an entirely new level. They’re fabulous for planning your next getaway. They make it really easy to bundle your flight, hotel, car rental, and tourist activities with super great savings. Being able to bundle everything quickly, efficiently, and well is a breath of fresh air. You can build your vacation around an option called “Experience finder” or you can book a hotel that is well a mystery for a super low price they call this “top secret hotels”. Next time I’m booking I might just use that tool to see where I end up? Could be fun, who knows!
  5. Another free travel planner. You can name your price for a savings of 60% off the top. The only drawback to that is not knowing what airline you are flying on until after the booking is completed. The best part of Priceline is their low prices.

Here is the compact list of the best travel sites for you to check out for your next getaway! =)

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